CCNA 1 (v5.1 + v6.0) Phase 10 Test Responses for Application Layer

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CCNA 1 Phase 10 Examination Responses 2020

1. Which 2 meanings properly explain the linked application layer procedure? (Select 2.)

SMTP-- transfers website from internet servers to customers Telnet-- offers remote accessibility to web servers and also networking tools * DNS-- solves Net names to IP addresses * FTP-- transfers email messages and also attachmentsHTTP-- makes it possible for gadgets on a network to acquire IP addresses

2. The application layer of the TCP/IP version executes the features of what 3 layers of the OSI design? (Select 3.)

physical session * network discussion * information linktransport application *

3. Which layer in the TCP/IP version is made use of for format, pressing, and also securing information?

internetworksessionpresentation application * network gain access to

4. What are 2 qualities of the application layer of the TCP/IP design? (Pick 2.)

duty for sensible addressingresponsibility for physical dealing with the development and also upkeep of discussion in between resource and also location applications * closest throughout customer * the developing of home window dimension

5. A producing firm signs up for particular organized solutions from its ISP. The solutions that are needed consist of held net, documents transfer, as well as email. Which procedures stand for these 3 essential applications? (Pick 3.)


6. What is an instance of network interaction that utilizes the client-server version?

An individual makes use of eMule to download and install a documents that is shared by a close friend after the documents place is determined.A workstation launches an ARP to locate the MAC address of an obtaining host.An individual publishes a file by utilizing a printer that is connected to a workstation of a colleague. When the customer kinds in the address bar of an internet browser, a workstation launches a DNS demand. *

7. 2 pupils are servicing a network layout job. One pupil is doing the illustration, while the various other trainee is composing the proposition. The illustration is completed as well as the pupil wishes to share the folder which contains the attracting to make sure that the various other pupil can access the data and also duplicate it to a USB drive. Which networking design is being made use of?

peer-to-peer * client-basedmaster-slavepoint-to-point

8. What do the client/server and also peer-to-peer network designs share?

Both designs have actually committed web servers. Both designs sustain gadgets in web server as well as customer duties. * Both designs call for making use of TCP/IP-based protocols.Both versions are utilized just in the wired network setting.

9. What is a benefit for tiny companies of taking on IMAP rather than POP?

Messages are maintained in the mail web servers till they are by hand erased from the e-mail customer. * When the individual attaches to a POP web server, duplicates of the messages are maintained in the mail web server momentarily, however IMAP maintains them for a lengthy time.IMAP gets as well as sends out e-mail, however POP just obtains email.POP just enables the customer to keep messages in a central method, while IMAP permits dispersed storage space.

10. Which application layer procedure utilizes message kinds such as obtain, PUT, as well as article?


11. When fetching e-mail messages, which method permits simple, central storage space and also back-up of e-mails that would certainly be preferable for a tiny- to medium-sized service?


12. Which 3 declarations explain a DHCP Discover message? (Select 3.)

The resource MAC address is 48 ones (FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF). The location IP address is * The message originates from a web server using an IP address. The message originates from a customer looking for an IP address. * All hosts get the message, however just a DHCP web server responds. * Just the DHCP web server obtains the message.

13. What component of the link,, stands for the high-level DNS domain name?

com * wwwhttpindex

14. Which 2 jobs can be done by a regional DNS web server? (Select 2.)

supplying IP addresses to neighborhood hostsallowing information transfer in between 2 network gadgets mapping name-to-IP addresses for interior hosts * forwarding name resolution demands in between web servers * recovering e-mail messages

15. Which expression explains an FTP daemon?

an analysis FTP program a program that is working on an FTP web server * a program that is working on an FTP clientan application that is utilized to demand information from an FTP web server

16. Which declaration holds true regarding FTP?

If FTP is going to develop one or 2 links with the web server, the customer can pick. The customer can download and install information from or upload information to the web server. * FTP is a peer-to-peer application.FTP does not give integrity throughout information transmission.

17. What holds true regarding the Web server Message Block procedure?

Various SMB message kinds have a various layout. Customers develop a long-term link to web servers. * SMB messages can not verify a session.SMB utilizes the FTP procedure for interaction.

18. Which application layer method is made use of to supply file-sharing and also print solutions to Microsoft applications?


19. Complete the space. What is the phrase for the procedure that is utilized when firmly interacting with an internet server? HTTPS

20. Complete the space. The HTTP message kind made use of by the customer to demand information from the internet server is the OBTAIN message.

21. Open Up the PT Task.


Execute the jobs in the task guidelines and afterwards respond to the inquiry.

Which computer or Computers are sending out FTP packages to the web server?

PC_3PC_1 PC_2 * PC_1 as well as PC_3

22. Fill out the space.


Describe the exhibition. What command was made use of to fix a provided host name by inquiring the name web servers?" nslookup

A customer can by hand quiz the name web servers to resolvea provided host name making use of the nslookup command. Nslookup is both an energy and also a command.

23. Suit a declaration to the relevant network design. (Not all alternatives are utilized.)


Location the alternatives in the complying with order:

peer-to-peer network

<+> no committed web server is needed <+> customer and also web server functions are established on a per demand basis

peer-to-peer aplication

<#> calls for a details interface <#> a history solution is called for

24. Suit the feature to the name of the application. (Not all choices are made use of.)


Area the alternatives in the adhering to order: -- not racked up-- DHCP -> dynamically appoints IP address to customers DNS -> maps Links to mathematical addresses IMAP -> permits watching of messages on e-mail customers HTTP -> screens website SMTP -> sends out e-mail messages -- not racked up--

25. Which 3 layers of the OSI design supply comparable network solutions to those supplied by the application layer of the TCP/IP design? (Select 3.)

physical layer session layer * transportation layer application layer * discussion layer * information connect layer

26. Which 2 jobs are features of the discussion layer? (Select 2.)

compression * resolving security * session controlauthentication

27. Select 3 methods that run at the Application Layer of the OSI design. (Select 3.)


28. A making business signs up for specific organized solutions from their ISP. The solutions called for consist of organized internet, documents transfer, as well as email. Which procedures stand for these 3 essential applications? (Select 3.)


29. What are 2 qualities of peer-to-peer networks? (Select 2.)

scalableone means information circulation decentralized sources * streamlined customer accounts source sharing without a devoted web server *

30. Which 2 activities are taken by SMTP if the location e-mail web server is active when e-mail messages are sent out? (Select 2.)

SMTP sends out a mistake message back to the sender and also shuts the link. SMTP attempts to send out the messages at a later time. * If it is still not provided after a fixed expiry time, SMTP will certainly throw out the message. SMTP occasionally inspects the line up for efforts and also messages to send them once more. * SMTP sends out the messages to one more mail web server for shipment.

31. A DHCP-enabled customer computer has actually simply started. Throughout which 2 actions will the customer computer usage program messages when interacting with a DHCP web server? (Pick 2.)


32. An individual accessed the video game website recently. The evening prior to the customer accesses the video game website once again, the website manager alters the website IP address. What will be the effect of that activity for the customer?

The individual will certainly not have the ability to access the website. The customer will certainly access the website without troubles. * The customer will certainly need to change the DNS web server address on the neighborhood computer in order to access the site.The individual will certainly need to provide a ping to this brand-new IP address to make sure that the domain stayed the exact same.

33. Which DNS web server in the DNS pecking order would certainly be taken into consideration reliable for the domain documents of a firm called netacad?

com *

34. When would certainly it be a lot more reliable to make use of SMB to move data rather than FTP?

when downloading and install huge documents with a selection of layouts from various serverswhen a peer-to-peer application is requiredwhen the host gadgets on the network make use of the Windows os when downloading and install lots of documents from the very same web server * when submitting the very same data to several remote web servers

35. Complete the space. What is the phrase for the procedure that is utilized when firmly interacting with an internet server?" HTTPS Hypertext Transfer Method Secure (HTTPS)is the method that is utilized for accessing orposting internet server info utilizing a safe and secure interaction network.

36. Suit the DNS document kind to the matching summary. (Not all alternatives are utilized.)


Area the alternatives in the adhering to order: end gadget address -- not racked up-- reliable name web server approved name mail exchange document

37. Suit the function with its DHCP message kind. (Not all choices are made use of.)


Area the choices in the complying with order: a message that is utilized to determine the specific web server and also lease use to approve a message that is made use of to situate any kind of offered DHCP web server on a network -- not racked up-- a message that is utilized to recommend a lease to a customer a message that is utilized to recognize that the lease achieves success