1. What is the IP address and also TCP port number made use of by the customer computer system (resource )that is moving the data to gaia.cs.umass.edu? To address this inquiry, it's possibly most convenient to pick an HTTP message as well as discover the information of the TCP package utilized to lug this HTTP message, making use of the "information of the chosen package header home window" (describe Number 2 in the "Starting with Wireshark" Laboratory if you doubt regarding the Wireshark home windows.

IP address

TCP port: 1514



What is the IP address of gaia.cs.umass.edu? On what port number is it getting as well as sending out TCP sectors for this link?

IP address:

TCP port: 60

3. What is the IP address and also TCP port number utilized by your customer computer system

(resource) to move the data to gaia.cs.umass.edu?


IP addresses and also TCP port numbers

4. What is the series variety of the TCP SYN sector that is utilized to start the TCP link in between the customer computer system and also gaia.cs.umass.edu? What is it in the section that recognizes the sector as a SYN sector?

It is made use of to launch the TCP link as well as the worth is 0. The SYN flag determines it as a SYN section and also its readied to 0.


. What is the series variety of the SYNACK sector sent out by gaia.cs.umass.edu to the customer computer system in respond to the SYN? What is the worth of the Recognition area in the SYNACK sector? Just how did gaia.cs.umass.edu establish that worth? What is it in the section that determines the sector as a SYNACK segment?The series

variety of SYNACK section has the worth of 0, not established.


6. What is the series variety of the TCP section including the HTTP MESSAGE

command? Keep in mind that in order to locate the message command, you'll require to go into

the package web content area at the end of the Wireshark home window, trying to find a

sector with a "BLOG POST" within its information area.

Has the worth of 1.7. Take into consideration the TCP section including the HTTP blog post as

the initial sector in the TCP link. What are the series varieties of the initial 6 sectors in the TCP link(consisting of the section having the HTTP BLOG POST )? At what time was each sector sent out? When was the

ACK for each and every sector received?Given the distinction in between when each TCP section was

sent out, as well as when its recognition was obtained, what is the RTT worth for each and every of the 6 sectors? What is the EstimatedRTT worth?* 8. What is the size of each of the very first 6 TCP sectors

? The initial was 565bytes, then the remainder were 1460 bytes.



What is the minimal quantity of offered barrier room marketed at the gotten for the whole trace? Does the absence of receiver barrier area ever before strangle the sender?

minimum is 5840 bytes, however this will certainly expand till a max of 62000 bytes.



Exist any type of retransmitted sections in the trace data? What did you look for (in the trace) in order to address this concern?

No, there were no retransmitted sectors. You can inspect by examining series varieties of TCP sections in trace documents.

11. Just how much information does the receiver generally

recognize in an ACK? Can you recognize situations where the receiver is ACKing every various other gotten section? 12. What is the throughput( bytes moved each time )for the TCP link?