Warframe has a lot of tools to pick from, and also these second tools are excellent for coupling with the larger weapons!

Warframe Athodai Featured
Warframe is familiar with one-of-a-kind tools, varying from plasma shotguns to totally automated eruptive attack rifles. One classification of tools most fail to remember to point out, nonetheless, is second tools.

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A lot of second tools featured more powerful mods than their key equivalents, possibly making them more powerful than primaries when modded appropriately. Much like melee tools or primaries, secondaries can feature intriguing technicians to establish them in addition to the remainder. Some also allow gamers include customized results to them, such as acquiring power toughness on a kill or obtaining unlimited ammunition. Right here are 15 of the toughest second tools gamers can utilize in Warframe.

Upgraded July 27th, 2021, by Charles Burgar:Warframe'' s tool meta has actually changed with the Siblings of Parvos upgrade. Galvanized Mods and also Tool Arcanes have actually paved the way to a brand-new meta of secondaries as well as primaries, a few of which place'' t seen usage in years. We'' ve upgraded this overview to cover extra current tool enhancements and also a couple of secondaries that saw some substantial aficionados with Update 30.5'' s enhancements.

Warframe Tenet Spirex
'If any kind of second in Warframe deserves being called a hand cannon, it ' s the Tenet Spirex. This additional fires eruptive projectiles that deal natural Warmth damages. Superb base damages, crucial statistics, and also an exceptionally high condition opportunity permit this tool

to stand with various other second titans. What truly makes this tool tick is the Hemorrhage mod. Every shot from the Tenet Spirex uses an Influence proc, and also many thanks to the weapon'' s 2.33 fire price, it has a 70% opportunity to use a damaging Slash proc with every shot. If the adversary in some way makes it through a shot to the face, they'' ll rapidly hemorrhage to fatality. Very few secondaries can do the exact same.

Warframe Athodai Pistol/Hand Cannon
Dealing mainly Warmth damages, the Athodai is Warframe ' s variation of an effective hand cannon. This tool is anything however a hand cannon, nonetheless, a minimum of in regards to performance.

Make indisputable, the Athodia loads a strike. Every shot has a 32% base essential opportunity as well as the weapon deals 70 damages unmodded, however the tool comes to be a full-auto murder maker if it accomplishes a headshot kill. Headshot eliminates will certainly approve this tool unlimited ammunition as well as enhanced fire price. The Athodai is efficiently a full-auto Knell.

Warframe Aksomati and Baza Prime weapons from Ivara Prime access.
Bullet-hose secondaries can ' t obtain better than the Aksomati Prime.'Its base damages of 20 is stealthily reduced. When gamers consider the tool ' s 24%essential opportunity and also 3x essential damages multiplier, it ' s simple to see why this tool is so regularly utilized. A great crucial construct will certainly shred almost all targets. Standing is additionally high sufficient of this tool to accurately proc the similarity Viral as well as Warm, making this tool'' s lethality all the deadlier.

Warframe Tenet Detron
'If you ' re a die-hard Detron'customer, wear ' t allowed the Tenet Detron ' s statistics trick you. The tool appears to be a small upgrade to the Mara Detron in the beginning glimpse, however this doesn'' t think about a couple of points: The Tenet Detron has an added essential damages kind. It discharges 10 projectiles as opposed to 7. It can clear its whole publication in a secondly via its alt-fire. The Tenet version'' s important statistics suffice to call for making a crossbreed construct.

These renovations make the Tenet Detron among the most effective secondaries in Warframe, particularly for priming Problem Overload tools. A Galvanized Shot Mod, when coupled with a standing develop, leads to a substantial increase to your damages outcome. Extremely couple of adversaries will certainly make it through simply a couple of shots of this tool, not to mention the weapon'' s alt-fire.

The Pyrana Prime is perhaps among the greatest weapons in the video game. It could have an uninspired standing possibility of 3.6%, yet the weapon'' s raw damages outcome is so high that it can brute-force via many kinds of damages resistance. Superb base damages as well as vital statistics make the Pyrana Prime a terrific workhorse tool, additional intensified if you obtain a three-way kill. After you land 3 fast eliminates, you obtain a heavenly Pyrana in your various other hand for a couple of secs, increasing your publication and also fire price. Clearing up crowds of opponents ends up being unimportant when the Pyrana Prime remains in its dual-wield state.

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Keeping that claimed, this weapon'' s absence of standing results does harm its stability in Steel Course. As long as you bring an armor-stripping Warframe, this weapon is absolutely nothing except S-tier.

Must gamers require a strong second shotgun that can both bring upon condition impacts and also deal vital hits, the Kuva Brakk is the very best alternative offered. High base damages at 130 per shot and also a 29% crucial opportunity is absolutely nothing to discount. An 11.1% condition opportunity likewise enables this tool to use Viral, Destructive, or practically any kind of standing disorder easily when making use of a crossbreed develop. It likewise features an implied important damages kind, as the Kuva Brakk is a Kuva Lich tool. Be cautioned: this tool has horrible damages falloff. Ensure you have a Tool Exilus Adapter as well as the Lethal Energy Mod prior to you think about farming for this weapon.

Sporelacer Kitguns are produced by integrating a Sporelacer barrel with an additional grasp and also publication. These Kitguns release a battery of spore cavities that take off, dealing an enormous quantity of Contaminant damages to any person captured inside the blast distance.

Given that these tools can be discharged instead promptly, the Sporelacer stands out as an add-clearing tool in limited hallways. A couple of shots from this weapon suffice to eliminate opponents in top-level material as well as also Steel Course. Those sick of the Kuva Nukor or even more accurate secondaries ought to craft a Sporelacer additional immediately.

Numerous Kuva Nukor followers were expecting the Tenet Cycron, the Corpus' ' tackle the distinguished Kuva Nukor additional. Both feature likewise: they discharge a beam of light that uses standing results and also chains in between targets. What makes the Cycron various is its greater standing possibility, battery-charged publication, and also natural Warm damages.

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Is that sufficient to make the Tenet Cycron much better than the Kuva Nukor? No. The Kuva Nukor'' s unreasonable 5x essential multiplier as well as natural Radiation damages make it much better fit for slaying targets in Steel Course. The Tenet Cycron is a somewhat even worse variation of the Nukor, compromising prospective damages result for even more constant standing procs.

Don'' t allowed the contrast discourage you. The Tenet Cycron is still a monster of a sidearm, using thousands of condition procs in the blink of an eye. Groups will certainly battle to make it through versus numerous Warmth procs and also the weapon'' s great base damages. It may not cover the Nukor, yet the Tenet Cycron takes care of to sculpt its very own area in Warframe'' s additional meta. Do you like tools that deal countless damages a shot? Do you like tools that have huge AoE surges? If you stated "yes" to either of those inquiries, you require to construct the Epitaph quickly. It'' s the only additional in Warframe that is perhaps a sidegrade to the Kuva Nukor.

Sevagoth'' s trademark arm-mounted weapon launches huge AoE blasts that constantly bring upon Cold when uncharged. You can utilize this setting to use numerous condition procs to groups, damaging them for your billed shot. The Epitaph'' s billed screws deal disastrous damages, including fantastic base damages and also terrific crucial statistics. Straight shots constantly proc Effect, providing each fired a 70% possibility at using Slash if you'' re utilizing the Hemmorhage Mod. Basically, there aren'' t numerous opponents in Warframe that will certainly make it through a solitary charged shot from this tool.

After gamers began acquiring the Kuva Nukor from Kuva Liches, it ended up being clear which tool was mosting likely to control the meta till more notification.

The Kuva Nukor is a powerful mix of the Atomos and also the Synapse. This tool chains its damages in between targets whenever it reaches an adversary, an auto mechanic that instantly makes it among the greatest weapons in the video game. What makes the weapon genuinely effective is the 50% base standing possibility it has. Modding for condition opportunity enables this tool to cause numerous Warmth or Gas procs on a target in a couple of secs. It likewise has the greatest important damages multiplier in the video game at 5x damages. Acquire resources of additive essential possibility such as Harrow or Arcane Avenger to transform this currently excellent tool right into the toughest weapon in Warframe background.

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