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For this tail end of the situation "With the Looking Glass", we should locate the address of the mirror-maker. Most likely to the Oakmont Cops Division to consult its archives. Utilize the "Browse Warrant" as Proof, and also pick "Problems" for the Criminal activity. Then select "Suspects" as the Topic, as well as lastly "Redemption Harbor" as the Area (picture1). You obtain the "Mirror-Maker's Home" paper (picture2) which informs you that Gaunter Randall left the city however that his address goes to the junction of Windhalf Opportunity and also Goldbridge Roadway, in the Oldgrove district.picture1picture2 This is the

location where this entire point began, and also where Herbert Glover's chateau lay. Most likely to your house (picture3 ), and also be prepared to remove numerous wylebeasts as quickly as you get in the front door. When all the animals have actually been gotten rid of, begin by analyzing the heap of letters on the coffee table(picture4 ). In the cooking area you can additionally locate the "Qualified Bachelor"paper (picture5). picture3picture4picture5 Prior to you handle the very beginning impression, rise to the 2nd

flooring. In the area at the back

left, take a look at the records on the board as well as those over the workdesk (pictures6-7). picture6picture7 Then enter into the bed room, as well as take a look at the "Occult Tome"near the

light(picture8). Additionally have a look at guides on the ground near the fire place(picture9 ). picture8picture9 Currently drop to the very beginning as well as utilize your Mind's Eye to resolve an impression that shows an area near the stack of
letters(pictures10-11). Connect with the little casket as well as mirror(picture12 ). picture10picture11picture12 Utilize your Mind's Eye once again to differentiate darkness that show the instructions of the cellar(picture13). As soon as you get to the 2nd degree of
the cellar, you go into a space where there is a brand-new imaginary wall surface. Utilize your Mind's Eye to make it go away(picture14 ), and also discover a secret area(picture15). Inside the last you will certainly locate an image of Hammond Throgmorton( pictures16-17), and also simply alongside it his little casket(picture18 ). Then come close to the desired mirror that is meant to hold Hammond's heart detainee(picture19 ). As you come close to, you experience a substantial loss of psychological wellness. Utilize your Mind's Eye(picture20 )to witness a troubling scene that verifies that Hammond remains in

the mirror( picture21). Currently rise to the very beginning to locate a retrocognition location( picture22). The initial scene remains in the cellar where you see Bethany laying her child's casket(picture23 ). Then rise to the 2nd flooring of your house and also choose Bethany's occult research study as the 2nd scene(picture24). Lastly, the last scene remains in the area where the little casket and also the mirror lie(picture25 ). With the 3 scenes in the appropriate order, Reed recognizes that he has to damage the little mirror to get rid of the last security mounted by Bethany. A melee strike does not function, so utilize a gun to damage the little mirror(picture26). Since the situation is pertaining to an end, understand that you will certainly need to decide in between 2 alternatives, as well as every one opens an Achievement/Trophy. If you wish to open both in the very same run, we recommend you to conserve your development currently to ensure that you can choose, tons your video game, and afterwards make the various other selection.

Go down to the cellar to satisfy Bethany when you have actually conserved your video game. If you attempt to speak with her( picture27 ), you will certainly see that you have 2 selections: you can permit or take the mirror Bethany to maintain it(picture28). Bethany ends up being aggressive as well as begins capturing at you if you choose to take the mirror. You have no option yet to remove her( picture29). Then, recover the mirror from the wall surface (picture30), and also go back to Robert Throgmorton( picture31). You find out that he found out about the mirror, as well as his sibling Hammond from the get go. By providing him the undamaged mirror you finish the pursuit as well as get the "Family members Get-together "Success/ Prize for having

appreciated your manage Robert (picture32). She many thanks you if you determine to leave the mirror to Bethany. You then see Hammond appeared of the mirror to reach his casket(picture33). The mirror is damaged, as well as you can fetch it (picture34 ). Return to Robert as well as inform him that the mirror is damaged(picture35). The last is not delighted however you obtain the very same benefit.

You additionally open the "Both Globes"Success/ Prize (picture36)for pleasing a mourning mommy. In both situations, this side situation of The Sinking City Overview ends.