Steve Rambo Videos are clips starring the American adult star Steve Rambo, that got much online prestige for showing up in a scene from the 2002 homoerotic movie Kid Band In a comparable vain to the Gachimuchi video clips, Rambo"s scenes have actually acquired importance online for their unpleasant performing as well as poorly-written discussion.


On October fourth, 2010, YouTuber ROvideos published a clip from the 2002 grown-up movie Kid Band entitled "Poor Gay Pornography Performing 4," in which star Steve Rambo runs into star Brad McGuire masturbating in the woodland and also uses to execute fellatio on him (revealed listed below). In the following 5 years, the video clip got over 830,000 sights as well as 990 remarks.


Steve Rambo: "Oh crap, I"m sorry." Brad McGuire: "Sorry of what? Our daddy educated us not to be embarrassed of our cocks. Specifically because they"re such great dimension as well as all." Steve Rambo: "Yeah, i see that. Your daddy offered you great suggestions." Brad McGuire: "It grows when I draw on it." Steve Rambo: "MMmmMmMmMmmm." Brad McGuire: "Often I draw on it so hard, I tear the skin." Steve Rambo: "Well my father showed me a couple of points as well, like uh, exactly how to not to tear the skin by, uh, utilizing another person"s mouth, as opposed to your very own hands."


On December 19th, 2011, YouTuber rawrderder published a remix of the scene labelled "Pressing Gaywards" (revealed listed below). In the following 4 years, the video clip gathered greater than 737,000 sights as well as 1,700 remarks.

On April 19th, 2012, YouTuber Nyanners posted a called variation of the Kid Band scene (revealed listed below, left), getting over 440,000 sights as well as 1,300 remarks within 3 years. On May 26th, rawrderder posted the whole Child Band movie with the raunchy scenes eliminated (revealed listed below).

On February 7th, 2013, the Steve Rambo YouTube <4> network was released, which includes video clips of Rambo as well as clips from homoerotic movies with the raunchy scenes gotten rid of. On September 15th, Redditor Treop uploaded YouTuber ROvideos Child Band clip to the/ r/NotTimAndEric <3> subreddit. On October 26th, 2014, YouTuber FNAkun posted a video clip entitled "Celebration Time," in which Rambo says the line "without additional disturbance, allow"s draw some cock and also commemorate" (revealed listed below). On April 24th, 2015, the video clip was sent to the/ r/youtubehaiku <1> subreddit, where it collected upwards of 1,200 ballots (94% upvoted) and also 40 remarks in the very first week.