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recognize the year my weapon was made. It claims version 15-4 and also various other numbers are 34K4650 and also 54662 as well as F24. I wish to understand what the numbers suggest likewise. I saw on Wikipedia that the version year is in between 1977-1982. Responses: High Cliff, Curt360, WendyZXZ and also 5 others Design 15-4 indicates it"s a Design 15, fourth design modification, likewise called K-38 - K structure Battle Work of art. Serial # 34K4650 delivered from the manufacturing facility 1978-79, this # must be marked on all-time low of the grasp structure. The various other #"s are currently useless setting up #"s utilized to maintain specific equipped components with each other (several components are not compatible). A structure might rest on the rack for days or perhaps years. After an order is positioned it"s finished in right quality, barrel size, and so on, a serial # designated & delivered. Delivering days are the only days tape-recorded by S&W.
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Many thanks, this was my papa's weapon prior to he passed away. Do you recognize just how much it would certainly have set you back when it was new?Reactions: msharley Many thanks, this was my daddy's weapon prior to he passed away. When it was new?It most likely set you back regarding 1/3 of what it would certainly market for currently, do you understand just how much it would certainly have set you back. Costs differ w/ place yet it would likely cost about$500 currently. , if I acquired that it would certainly be invaluable to me.. I "d fire it, appreciate it & pass it on one more generation or 3. Invite to the forum!I got a comparable S&W 38 brand-new in 1979, a design 64, as well as paid around$180.
A version 15 might have set you back a couple of bucks much more due to the flexible views so, readjusting for rising cost of living, that would certainly have to do with $ 550 -$600 in today "s dollars.Nice antique as well as given that it was your papa "s, it is priceless.I really did not wish to offer it, I am simply interested to find out about the weapon. It fires great. My father got it at a pawn search Albany, Ga. He passed away in 2005 on Easter.Hey Warren, Welcome to: bluelogo: Method to go! Pictures of a great M 15 ... ... right out of eviction!! Later on, Mark Responsibility is the sublimest word in the English language. Every guy must prefer to do his obligation, no male must prefer to do much less. Robert E. LeeMarlinitis Manifestations: Even more day-to-day. Energetic rescuer of Marlin Rifles, S&W revolvers, 1911"s, Mil/Surplus rifles, shotguns ... ...: bluelogo::37 -36 ls: M 15 itis Hey Warren, Sorry to become aware of your Daddy "s passing.The M 15"s are sort of"faves"around below ... Later on, Mark
Responsibility isthe sublimest word in the English language. Every male ought to prefer to do his task, no male ought to want to do much less. Robert E. LeeMarlinitis Effects: Even more everyday. Energetic rescuer of Marlin Rifles, S&W revolvers, 1911"s, Mil/Surplus rifles, shotguns ... ...: bluelogo::37 -36 ls: Invite to the discussion forum from Ohio. Your Version 15 is a great instance of what I believe is among the very best. 38 revolvers ever before. Trustworthy and also exact it "s a weapon that can be bied far with pride.Welcome from SE Indiana! Numerous think the M-15 to be the most effective manufacturing 38 revolver ever before made. As a Police teacher I have actually dealt with as well as examined thousands of them from all new to 10,000 rounds+discharged with them. I never ever saw one I didn "t like. Many LE companies that weren"t allowed to utilize 357 Magnum released M-15"s.welcome01 to the online forums from the Wiregrass, go across the river next-door neighbor! One side of my family members moved over right here from around Sylvester. Around the very same time, my wonderful grandpa and also grandma beyond were elevated in Hilton and also went across over to establish his clinical method in the 1880 "s. In the 1940"s, General Van Orden as well as his spouse possessed Critic"s Minimal, a weapon supplier in VA. They both eliminated Japanese throughout WWII, were both S&W fanatics and also had fairly an impact on S&W. Initially, they advised S&W make a pedestrian(more affordable)variation of their front runner N framework, The.357 Magnum, which they might market to police. Mrs. Van Orden recommended they call it the Patrolman, then the Freeway Patrolman which is what S&W at some point chose. S&W had actually been making a target 6"barrel variation of their.22 K structure given that prior to WWII. After the battle, they included.32 Long as well as.38 Unique variations in virtually the same 6"barreled variations. Mrs. Van Orden once again advised that S&W make a 4 "variation however with a ramped front view so maybe holstered a lot more conveniently. She called it the Fight Work of art and also in 1957 S&W made it the Design 15. The United States Flying force embraced it for some time as its main sidearm. These weapons included magna grasps, like on your weapon, however might be bought with target grasps.