Go Into the Hill Holy Place

The Hill Holy place entryway lies to the north of Unuratu"s residence, on top of the irrigated quarry location. Make your means to the holy place entryway and also rush up the wall surface to get in the holy place inside.

Discover the Inner Garrison

Comply with the course to a stumbling block as well as dive to the craggy wall surface and also rappel to the flooring and afterwards take a couple of actions to cause a scene. Inspect the edge of this location for a Source Container and afterwards climb up the walk, near a wall surface paint, to proceed.

Cross the light beam right in advance and also leap to a step left wing, near the structure with gold makings, and afterwards vibrate around the outdoors as well as draw on your own as much as locate the Hill Holy place Base Camp. You can currently browse the location behind the Base Camp to discover some Gold Ore, near the high cliff, as well as the close-by holy place for some extra Gold Ore and also a Source Container


As soon as the location is clear, clamber up the ideal side of the major entrance to get to the crank.

Discover the Silver Box of Ix Chel

Adhere to the course outside to identify the eye of the snake and afterwards leap to the craggy wall surface as well as vibrate entrusted to leap to an additional step. Proceed around this step to the right as well as make use of the craggy little bit listed below to rappel down and after that wall surface run and also dive to turn to an additional wall surface that you can rappel from to get to the ground.

Head towards the "eye" as well as grapple throughout the rapids and after that lock as well as leap onto the column on the roof covering of the structure to rappel down as well as go down right into the water listed below. You can currently study the water to discover a Source Container , swim via the passage to get to the opposite, as well as climb up out of the location to detect the holy place in the water listed below.


Flight the neighboring zipline to the Cenote View Base Camp and afterwards accumulate a Source Container as well as Paper - Journal of T. Serrano 2 in the framework. You can currently rush up the wall surface to proceed, locating one more Source Container prior to diving right into the water listed below.

There are a variety of antiques in this field, along with all the Prize Chests for the Difficulty - Sunken Prize. Meticulously browse the water and also accumulate these, in addition to the Source Container x2 spread around, and afterwards prevent the piranhas to discover a Supply Cache near the Antique - Crucified Number


As soon as you"ve cleaned out the water locations, swim to the coastline on the southeast side of the location to locate one more Supply Cache and after that as much as find a rope-wrapped Effigy that you can take down for the Obstacle - Valued.

Prior to leaving the location, inspect around the opposite side of the wall surface to locate and also Traveler Knapsack and afterwards swim straight throughout the water and also climb up bent on take down a wood barrier with an Archivist Map behind it.

When you"ve completely removed the location, get in the holy place and also swim via the passage up until the course opens and afterwards inspect the lower left edge for an undersea Supply Cache There is some Restore and also a Source Container over the Supply Cache that you can accumulate, however now you"ll most likely be lacking air and also will certainly require to surface area in the back edge of the location.

Leave the water as well as accumulate some Jade Ore on the ground prior to analyzing the mural on the wall surface for optional discussion and afterwards dive back right into the water to discover the Antique - Knight"s Morion

Continue downward a little bit as well as quit at the entraped air bubble for a breath and after that head to the right to locate an additional Source Container Comply with the reduced passage till the course available to one more bigger undersea chamber, linked to the location near the antique, and after that get hold of the Source Container

Beyond of the location, swim up the lengthy shaft on the north side of the location and afterwards leave the water to set off a brief occasion. You can currently gather even more Jade Ore as well as the File - A Caution prior to going back to the water and also heading towards the unbiased sign.

Adhere to the course up until you identify the dead soldier distant as well as rush up the wall surface directly in advance and afterwards lift as well as get hold of onto the wall surface over. Climb up upwards as well as leap to a step left wing and after that vibrate around to one more wall surface, where you can rappel to the neighboring system.

Accumulate the Source Container on the ground prior to pressing with the limited split and after that head right, towards the Obstacle Burial place entryway. See Difficulty Burial Place: San Cordoba to find out more.

If your neglect the Difficulty Burial place, or finish the burial place as well as departure the opposite of the undersea passage, browse the ground for the Paper - Journal of T. Serrano 5 and afterwards leap to the close-by steps. Adhere to the steps till you get to the dead soldier and afterwards reduced him to recover the Diocesan 600 shotgun.

Take a minute to relax at the Cenote Holy place Damages and also accumulate the neighboring Restore and after that reverse to identify an additional Effigy You can currently fire with the shotgun barrier as well as capture via the fracture to locate an additional Source Container

Slip and also comply with the passage up on the animal to activate a scene and after that get ready for a battle.

Endure the ambush

The shotgun will certainly can be found in convenient for this battle, so draw it out and also fire the animal and after that watch out for even more animals, slipping in via passages or appearing the barriers on the top systems. There is a lot of ammunition existing around the space, if required, and also watch out for the pots, which can be fired to instantaneously eliminate any type of animals standing close to them.

As soon as the ambush mores than, loot all the bodies as well as refill your tools and after that clamber up the wall surface where the last wave of animals left. This will certainly bring about an Effigy , which you can take down prior to learning the water.

Locate the Silver Box of Ix Chel

In the following chamber, tear loose the particles undersea as well as leave the water to gather the Source Container and after that tear as well as disregard the winch with the back wall surface to locate the Antique - Brigittine Rosary Go back to the winch as well as secure it to the bigger wheel and after that turn the wheel till you straighten the opening undersea.

Swim via the wheel as well as gather some Restore beyond and after that hug the best wall surface to locate a tiny undersea recess with a Supply Cache You can currently swim towards the surface area, accumulating an additional Source Container in the edge, to proceed.

Departure the water as well as comply with the course, reducing the tripwire for a spear catch, and after that take out your weapons as your round the edge to fire an ambusher. After the animal is dead, gather the Record - Journal of T. Serrano 7 on the ground and after that leap to a step on the contrary wall surface. From below, vibrate side and also left dive to a rugged wall surface and afterwards rappel down as well as wall surface go to secure ground, near the Paper - Journal of T. Serrano 6

You can currently accumulate the Source Container in the passage prior to leaping to the wall surface directly in advance as well as rappelling right into the following chamber for a scene.

Open up eviction

Browse the water for Source Container x3 as well as some Restore as you swim to the opposite side of the area and afterwards leave the water on the appropriate side to manage one more animal. There"s an additional Source Container behind the waterwheel, where you left the water, as well as inside the space, where the animal was, there"s an additional Effigy you can take down.

Head towards the opposite of the western location to take care of 2 even more animals and after that study the water on the right to locate an additional Source Container Leave the water and also direct the stairways to a winch and also secure it to the shaft of the best water network and afterwards transform all of it the method to the right.

Head towards the staircases as well as along the wood system, eliminating one more animal, and afterwards leap to the head of the water network as well as go up to the top of the framework. Tear loose the particles obstructing the rope-wrapped component of this water network and also eliminate the animal that strikes and after that inspect the much side of the location for one more Source Container

Trip the zipline pull back to the winch and also secure each of the water networks and after that transform them till they draw away the water onto the waterwheel. You"ll currently require to handle one more ambush from the animals - concentrate on eliminating the ones hurrying you prior to bothering with the archers.

Head to the location where you initially climbed up out of the water as well as go across to the main area and afterwards accumulate the Supply Cache under the primary stairs. You can currently go down right into the water as well as swim via the rope pulley-block, which is being rotated by the waterwheel.

When on the eastern side of the chamber, look the water for Source Container x3 and after that leave the water on the northeast side of the location. Straight in advance, take down the last Effigy and also accumulate an additional Source Container and afterwards proceed nearby to locate one more winch.

You"ll requirement to handle a little ambush prior to you can do anything else, so fire the animals and also archers hurrying up the staircases near the winch. When you"ve removed the location, secure the winch to the center water network and also rotate it towards you to elevate the water degree listed below.

With the water degree elevated, leap down right into the water and also dive to tear loosened the particles at the base of the various other water network and after that go back to the winch. You"ll be assailed once more by the weird animals, so remove them and after that turn the water networks once more to power the waterwheel.

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