With it being instead challenging to find out which addresses result in the +1, +3, and also +5 love degree up, I will just be publishing the alternatives per phase. If you can not get to a check factor at any moment, please allow us recognize the amount of Love Degree Information you"re missing out on and also if you"ve utilized any type of Gacha products. Likewise, when I inform you the number of love factors I was missing out on to accomplish an unique situation, the total amount is NOT consisting of the gacha products. Significance, if you have absolutely no gacha things to increase Ferris" love, you would certainly be missing out on that lots of love factors. I am attempting to maintain track for my benefit and also yours.:3
1.05<1> I provided him back the ring. (+1 )<2> I informed him that"s way too much.<3> I asked him for the factor. (+5 )1.09<1> I"m anxious. (+5 )<2> It"s absolutely nothing.<3> Your creative imagination. (+1 )1.11Queens Lesson: Needs 1000+Beauty1.14<1> It"s so lovely right here. (+5 )<2> This is so stress-free.<3> It"s so silent.2.01 Unique Situation:Obtain CG!( Calls For 15 +Love)2.03 Character Test: Costs Path: Pastel Eco-friendly Pumps with Bow(Beauty +40) -300 PlatinumNormal Path: Purple Rose Pumps (Appeal+10)-100 Platinum/ 2000 Ruby 2.03 Okay. That"s regrettable. Thanks for your assistance today.(+5?)2.09<1> This is a shock ... I<3> "m expecting it. (+5?)Why didn"<1> t you simply inform me? 2.12<2> Unique Circumstance (Calls For<3> 25+ Love) 2.14 You conserved me.(+5)I"m satisfied you"re right here. I"<1> ll be a lot more mindful following<2> time. 3.01 Queens Lesson: Needs? +Style 3.04 Unique Circumstance(Calls For 35+Love)* Demands were satisfied. 3.05 You"ve altered. State absolutely nothing.(+5?)Extremely sort of you. * 3.09 Bonus: Dessert Memory ★ Ferris<1> 03:08- 150 Platinum 3.09 I think he"s fretted about me. (+5)Ireally feel poor for Albert. I★ "m penalty on my very own.3.10 Character Test : Costs<1> Path: Ferris "Blossom Shroud (Beauty +60<2>) -300 PlatinumNormal Course: Pink Pearl Headband(Beauty+15)-100 Platinum/ 4500 Diamond3.15 Thanks. I"m okay currently. * I"m sorry. (+5?)4.03 However ... I currently obtained a lot of remainder. It" s fine. * 4.04 Unique Situation<1> (Calls For 55+Love )4.08 What type of location is it? I
"m ought to<1> be satisfying. (+5)Did you select it out? 4.11<3> Queens Objective: Calls For?+Elegance4.13 Unique Situation: Obtain CG!(Needs 60+Love )4.15 Shake him.(+5?<2> )Touch his cheek. * Talk<3> to him. 5.03 Undoubtedly.(+5)Isn"t that all-natural? You"re incorrect.5.08 Character Test: Costs Course: Bright Blue Eyes(Appeal +80)-500 PlatinumNormal Path:<2> Virtuous Purple Eyes<3> (Appeal+ 20)-
150 Platinum<1>/ 8000 Diamond5.10 No, that"s not it. I kept up far too late. (+5)I"m simply starving.5.10 Bonus: Sugary Food Memory ★ Ferris 05:10-150 Platinum There are just 2 choices in Phase 5. 6.02 Nod.( +5)Keep quiet. Be reluctant.6.04 Unique Circumstance (Needs 80+Love )<3> 6.05 I would like to know. I put on"t wish to know. You wear"t need to inform me now.(+5)6.06 Additional: Sugary Food Memory ★ Ferris 06:06 -150 Platinum6
.13 Repeat on your own. (+5 )<2> Play down.<3> Examine whether they heard you.7.01 Queens Objective: Calls For 10,000+Beauty 7.05 Character<1> Test: Costs Path: Freely Entwined Platinum Golden-haired Hair (Beauty +100)- 500 PlatinumNormal Path: Wavy PlatinumGolden-haired Hair( Appeal+★ 60)- 200 Platinum/ 13000<1> Ruby 7.06 This is humiliating ... Prévert is seeing ... Allow me go. * 7.08 Additional: Dessert Memory ★ Ferris 07:07-150 Platinum 7.10 I put on"t wish to go there. Allow"s terminate our itinerary. I wish to remain close by. (+5)7.12 Unique Circumstance (Calls For 100 +Love) Present Gacha Things: +20 Ferris Love=100 * still servicing increasing love There are just2 choices in Phase 7. 8.04 I wear"t wish to allow Ferris<3> pass away. (+5)As queen, I can"t simply lazily wait. I stated I"d go, so I "ll go.8.06 Queens Objective: Calls For<1> 16000+Style 8.09 Character<2> Test: Costs Path: Floral Pastel Environment-friendly Gown (Appeal +200)-500 PlatinumNormal Path: Purple Bodice Outfit(Beauty+100)-200 Platinum/ 13000 Ruby 8.12 Is that so? So are you.(+5 )That"s an overestimation.8.15 Why? Don "t! We"ll fit.(+5 ) *