By visit just h2 h2 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 12:30 -- 7:30 pm b h2 Friday, Saturday: 9 am-- 4:30 pm b Ticket charges are payable to the United States Division of State by check or cash order ONLY. You will certainly require to have different look for each key application. solid Handling costs as well as picture charges are payable to the Goal Viejo Collection. We approve cash money as well as debit/credit card. p The key workplace is found down the sidewalk past the front entryway of the collection. p Arrange Visit p h2 What you will certainly require to offer refine your key application 1. solid Application solid p Please complete types prior to your appointmentBlack ink onlyDo NOT make use of white outDo NOT authorize your application 2. Evidence of Citizenship p Appropriate Evidence of Citizenship: Licensed united state birth certification Certification of Naturalization Current or ended united state key Unacceptable Evidence of Citizenship: The Golden State or Texas Birth ABSTRACTS Health center released Birth Certificates 3. Evidence of Identification p Legitimate motorist's permit (not short-term or student's license) Legitimate key publication or card Certification of Naturalization with recognizable picture affixed Certification of Citizenship with recognizable picture connected Armed force I.D. card Public servant I.D. card Existing legitimate international key 4. Photocopies solid Recognition (front & back on exact same side of paper or on 2 sheets) Citizenship evidence p 5. Key Pictures p 1 shade ticket image, 2" x 2" in dimension taken within the last 6 months The collection gives picture solution for $10 Crucial info concerning tickets for youngsters h2 All ticket candidates have to use face to face despite age.Both moms and dads have to exist and also reveal appropriate recognition when obtaining their youngster's key if the youngster is 15 years or younger.A copy of the birth certification need to likewise exist when restoring a kid's ticket if the kid is under the age of sixteen.Only one moms and dad is needed for candidate aged 16 or 17. If feasible, candidate must bring legitimate I.D.. p Key revivals h2 The majority of revivals can be done by mail. If you have a key that was provided much less than 15 years earlier as well as you went to the very least 16 years of ages when it was provided, you might have the ability to send a self-service revival. p Charges table For Grownups - A Publication or Card, And Also Handling Cost solid p tr Schedule $110 to Division of State ( check or cash order ONLY td tr Card $30 to Division of State ( check or cash order ONLY solid tr Handling Charge td $35 to Goal Viejo Collection ( money or debit/credit card solid td For Kid Under 16 - A Publication or Card, And Also Handling Charge tr Schedule $80 to Division of State ( check or cash order ONLY solid tr Card td $15 to Division of State ( check or cash order ONLY solid tr td Handling Cost td $35 to Goal Viejo Collection ( money, or debit/credit card solid tr solid Optional Solutions tr Quicken cost (per ticket) td $60 ( check or cash order ONLY solid tr td Express Mail (one means) $17.56 ( check or cash order ONLY solid tr td Submit Browse Cost td $150 ( check or cash order ONLY tr Ticket Images (2) td $10 ( cash money or debit/credit card table For the most recent details on the moment needed to refine your ticket, please inspect the United State Division of State web site. p Se Habla Españ ol! solid The Division of State has actually produced a Spanish language educational video clip to help Spanish audio speakers with finishing the DS-11.