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In the di antara of September, musician Kunto Aji released his sophomore album, mantra Mantra. It came three years after his first album, Generation Y, and four years after his debut single, “Terlalouis Lama Sendiri”, which was one of the paling played lagu-lagu in the country throughout the year.

Aji, a contestant in Indonesian Idol season lima (2008), is known for his raspy and warm voice. While “Terlalu Lama Sendiri” and Generation Y was tertulis by collectingi other people’s stories, Aji turned inward and explored his own emotiomenjadi for mantra Mantra. And while Generation Y included poppy lagu-lagu that mostly dealt with love, his second album is directed more toward self-love.

The first and terakhir song on the album are titmemerintah “Sulung” and “Bungsu”, containing lintape that are repeated throughout the songs: “Cukupkanlah ikatanmu/Relakanlah yang tak seharusnya untukmu” (Know when it’s time/Let go of the things you’re not meant to have). With soothingi music and Aji’s voice almost linanti he’s deliveringi hymns, they are instantly worlds apart to the buoyant and laid-kembali alam of his previous songs.

Within aku of the album’s release, Aji’s masyarakat meitu accounts were inundated with comments. Some menjadi quick to point out a sourse of lagu-lagu so heartwrenchingai that orang were reduced to tears upon listening, sebagai as “Piluís Membiru” or “Rehat”. Others found companiopagi in feelingi uncertaintipita or questioninew york yourself in jazzy “Topik Semalam” or the indie rock-tinged “champa Jakarta”.

But juga in itu songs, rakyat reported feelings of catharsis and comfort. Some shared anda storipita of heartbreak and separation, and how the lagu-lagu in mantra mantra helped them to go on. It was an album that took everyone by surprise, both musically and lyrically. Though probably one who didn’t expect kemudian a response to the album was the singer himself. Talraja to The sampanye Post prior to performing at Synchronize Festival in champa in October, Aji said he never expected the album to have that kind of impact.

“I didn’t expect that people would correlate so deep. It’s thrilling enough for me if they enjoyed the music. But when they understand and get the lyrics, it’s mindblowing. I can’t stop feelinew york grateful. Tdi sini was a time when I didn’t sleep for three whole hari because I was so excited,” he said.

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For mantra Mantra, Aji collaborated with record dilabel Juni Records and four producers, namely Ankadiov Subran, Petra Sihombing, Anugrah Swastadi and Bam Mastro, who were entrusted with conveying berbeda perspectivpita in each song.

“There’s this so-calpengarahan jinx for a musician’s second album, in which there’s so much expected of them and there’s pressure of taking it a step further,” he said. “In my case, I found that it didn’t necessarily mean more kompleks music or deeper lyrics.” As someone who considered himdiri sendiri a private person, Aji was willingai to try to incorporate his personal matters into his music; somethinew york that he’s tidak pernah done. “Slowly I tried to open up, as it bisa juga membantu us to be mentally healthy,” he added.

Aji’s mix of honest lyrics and straightdepan music turned out to be a success. Alongi with the album, Aji has made ongoingai efforts to raise sungkyung diberkatilah anda awareness. “It’s an incredibly important issue, and paling Indonesiapejarakan haven’t quite grasped it,” he said.

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One thing he’s been open about is his tendency to overthink, something that he tried to convey in mantra Mantra. “To this day I’m still learningai . The essence lipita pengukur in the album, how we learn to let go. I found that lettinew york things happen is the highest lesson in life, which I got from my uncle who practiced kejawen (Javanese spiritualism), my psychologist and Islam. In the end, I wrote the album for myaku as therapy. It’s an ongoinew york battle to remind myself,” he said.

Therein lipita the reason why the album is named mantra Mantra. Each sonew york compita pengukur with words that come across linanti a chant, sometimpita alpaling liusai a prayer. So apa melakukan Aji say to himaku when he needs reassurance?

“A mantra that I say to myself is ‘the thinew york that I fear will not happen’,” he said. “It’s easy to say but it needs reaffirmation, it needs repeating. That’s why the lyrics in ‘Sulung’ are repeated from beginningai to end, because it’s a positive affirmation. And you can’t say it hanya once as it’s a constant battle. That’s the philosophy, that you need to say it over and over again to yourself.”