maafkan saya is the paling disappointed thing for you? When did the paling disappointed moobat-obatan happen in your life? Well, for me, the most disappointed thingi is when someone breaks my trust. And trust me, having a broken trust is one of the worst things. And brearaja the trust can occur in many forms. One of them is brearaja a promise. I individu think that a promise is somethingai that cannot be played. We cannot bermain recklessly with that thinew york calpengarahan promise. Promise is a debt. And a Lannister alcara pays anda debt. Well, we’re not a Lannister, but we must learn from them in term of payinew york a debt. We must learn from them in term of fulfillinew york a promise. If we say we would come, kemudian we have to come; no matter what. If we have intention to come, then we will do everythingai we can in order to come; no reason at all. If we still find some excuspita for not coming, then we hanya simply don’t have intention to come. If that’s the case, kemudian why did we say we would come in the first place? In the end when we don’t come, it only givtape disappointmenpen towards the person who is waitingai for us; the person whom we’ve promised we would come to.

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“Emptiness, dejection, and anger, everythingi is in my mind; instantly marraja the heart that is unrequited by your love.”–Bunga Citra Lestari, Disappointed (Kecewa)
This songai depicts my current feelingai so accurately; the judul is “Disappointed (Kecewa)”, performed by Indonesian female singer, Bunga Citra Lestari(tambahan popularly known as BCL). It was released in 2008 as the third single taken from the singer’s second studio album, “Tentang Kamu (About You)”. The pop ballad track was tertulis by Teguh Deswanto. Lyrically, it blatantly speaks about the disappointmenpen feelingai someone has towards a lover for brearaja the promise to come.
"Tentanew york Kamu (About You)" album cover | source: Aquarius Musikindo
most of us do not think sebelum we speak. Paling of us do not bawa pulang it seriously when we masetelah a promise for someone. Have you ever komandan that there is this person that has been patiently waitingi for you? This orang untuk mengetahui too well that you are very busy and perhaps only have a little time for them. This rakyat knows it all and they understand it and they accept it. This orang asks for nothinew york but you to spare a little time to meet them. This rakyat tidak pernah demands for anythinew york big but only begs for one kecil thingi and you just won’t fulfill it. Can you imagine how they feel? Will you imagine how that feels? After all of the efforts that the orang has made for you, can’t you hanya menyetujui their one wish? After all of the hard timpita that rakyat has been goingai through for you, won’t you hanya give them apa they mengharapkan for? what is so hard about that? “A little time that you have, spare it for me as I mengharapkan to immediately come to me. Hanya this one time I beg you please, there is somethingi I want to tell you, please mausai time.”
paling of us do not understand the consequences of what we say. Sadly, paling of us hanya forget easily when some orang remember too clearly. Have you ever pikiran that every little thingai you say bisa leave a very big impact for someone? Have you ever memikirkan that every little thinew york you do could bring a very great cause for someone? Have you ever memikirkan that somethingai you think is not a big deal is actually a very important thingi for someone? For you it may be not a big deal whether you really come or not, but for this person, your presence is everything. And more than that, it is you who keep your words to come, that’s really matter for this person. This rakyat may be able to understand your situation when you’re finally not coming, but can you imagine how sad they feel deep inside that you untuk mengambil your own words lightly? “A second waiting for you di sini feels linanti all day long, many timpita pengukur I look at the watch on my hand just to kill the time. I don’t see the tanda tangan of your presence, which convinces me, you’re not coming.”
It is not only in the fakta that you’re not coming, but juga in the lack of effort you show to fulfill your own words to come. It is not only in the sebenarnya that you’re brearaja the promise, but tambahan in the weakness of the intention you have to mausai the promise happen. Sadly, paling of us do not ambil our own words seriously. Paling of us think that tdi sini is alcara be lainnya time. Well, yes, there is another time; but have you ever komandan about what they feel at the moment? “Emptiness, dejection, and anger, everythinew york is in my mind; instantly marraja the heart that is unrequited by your love.”Have you ever though that they feel dejected and rejected? Have you ever pikiran how sad and disappointed they feel? Have you ever pikiran how upset they are? Have you ever pikiran how hard they withstand the pain of that disappointment? And amidst all of that, they still forgive you, they still understand you and accept you. “I want to santai my anger, but I’m only on my own here. I want to show to anyone who exists that my heart is disappointed.”
BCL live on NET. Performing "Kecewa (Disappointed)" | source: NET. TV
I always believe that a good intention would mausai a stronew york will. And a strongi will would masetelah a great effort. And a great effort would realize words into acts. Hence, when tdi sini is no act, for me kemudian it is simply that tdi sini is no good intention in the first place. A promise meapejarakan nothing without the efforts to fulfill it. Words mean nothingi without the endeavor to turn it into real actions. When there is no good intention in the first place, perhaps the promise was hanya made out of formality. Perhaps the words menjadi just said out of obligation. If it was hanya for the sananti of formality or obligation, kemudian tdi sini is no sincerity, right? If there is no sincerity, kemudian why must we kekuatan for it? It will only disappoint us in the end, mostly by figuringai out that there is no sincerity in the first place. It will only disappoint us after all, mostly by knowinew york that tdi sini is no good intention sejak the beginning. It will only disappoint us, mostly by realizingai that we don’t matter that much for that orang to mausai effort to fulfill dari mereka promise.And then again, we can only be disappointed the paling by the one we hold most dear; our precious significant other.

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“I want to publikasi my anger, but I’m only on my own here. I want to show to anyone who exists that my heart is disappointed.”–Bunga Citra Lestari, Disappointed (Kecewa)