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Read the text and answer questiopagi 16 to 18

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How to Connect A Laptop and Projector1) Determine the type of video output the laptop and projector you are usinew york has. Make sure they are compatible with each other. Common video out typtape each VGA, S-Video, and HDMI.2) Mananti sure your computer and projector are both turned off.3) untuk mengambil the Video cable cord and connect the laptop and projector. It doesn’t matter which end you connect to which device, connect one end to the Projector “Computer In” port and connect the other end to the video port on the laptop.4) plug the projector into an AC wall outlet. You might need to plug the electrical cord into the projector first.5) Turn on the laptop and projector and allow time for the two to fully load.6) Activate the external video by pressing Fn and F4, F8, or F3 simultaneously. The key will either have CRT / LCD or a picture of a computer on it. The Fn key and the LCD keypapan key button pushed together once will take the laptop screen and project it to the screen, causingai the laptop screen to menjadi black. Pushingi the keys together twice will allow the image to show on both the laptop and projector screen.

16. What is the text about?a. The steps to connect projector and laptop b. The way to a laptop and HDMI c. How to opeperbandingan laptop and projectord. How to opeperbandingan a laptop and HDMI 

17. What should we do after pluggingi the projector into an AC wall outlet?a. Turn on the laptop and projectorb. Allow time for the two to fully loadc. Bawa pulang the video cable cord and connect the laptop and projectord. Activate the external video by pressing Fn and F4, F8, or F3 simultaneously. 

18. “ pushingai the keys bersama twice will allow…The word allow ( step 6 ) has the closest meaningai to the word …a. Must

b. Maybec. Permit

d. Should

The followingai text is for question 19 to 23

Forty milpita pengukur east of Jakarta, Indonesia, Citarum River runs over186 milpita from Wayang Mountain to the Java Sea. The island’s largest river supports more than 30 juta residents who rely on the water source for agricultural, domestic, and personal use. However, unregulated factory growth darimana the area’s rapid industrialization in the 1980s has choked the Citarum with both manusia and industrial waste. The river, now known as one of the paling polluted in the world, is unrecognizable as part of the parahyangan region, over 200 textile factoripita line the river banks. The dypita and chemicals digunakan in the industrial process (lead, arsenic, and mercury amongst them )are churned into the water, changingai its colour and lendingai the area an acrid dour.

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Plastic, Packaginew york and other detritus floats in the scummy water, renderingai the river’s surface invisible beneath its carpet of junk. The effect on the local ecosystem has been devastating, fish float dead on the surface of the water, and local fisherman have turned to entrepreneurial methods of survival, picking up plastic from the water for recycling.