A love cerita between Jae Hoon, who couldn"t let go of his ex-girlfriend, and Sun Young, who is splittingai up with her boyfriend. The couple got trouble and menjadi hurt by love.

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Jangi Se Chool is the boss of a gang. He has been in love with Kanew york So Hyun for the past 3 years, even though she constantly rejects him and tries to push him away. Havinew york had enough, she tells him that she can"t be with him because she wants to be the first lady of Korea.

hitam Knight: The Man Who Guards Me (Korean: 흑기사; RR: Heukgisa; lit. Hitam Knight) is a South Korean television seripita starringai Kim Rae-menang in titgaris role alongside Shin Se-kyung, Seo Ji-hye, and Cgua Mi-hee. It aired on KBS2 startingai December 6, 2017 every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:00 (KST) for 20 episodes.

Kim Rae-menang plays Seo Jin-hong, a cold-hearted prosecutor who lost his mother (Kim Hae-sook) duringi a robbery 7 years ago. He has been bent on tracking down the culprit responsible for her death. Now, a seripita pengukur of surreal caspita around the world, termed the Resurrected Victims Phenomenon, is seeingai victims of unsolved murders returninew york to life to punish their killers.

A troubled ex-cop imprisoned for a hit-and-run accident discovers that the entire penitentiary is controlpengarahan by an inmate who has been runninew york a crime syndicate with the tolong of the warden and guards which providpita them 100% alibi.

Let"s Eat Dinner bersama (Korean: 한끼줍쇼; RR: Hankkijupsyo), juga known as Diningi Together, is a South Korean televisi program starring Lee Kyung-kyu and Kangai Ho-dong. This is a documentary-like program that traces the journey of two men who have been calmemerintah as "National MCs" (due to milik mereka appearances on many South Korean entertainmenpen programs) in finding dinner. It is tambahan the first collaboration between the duo darimana Kang"s entry into the entertainobat-obatan industry. It began airingi on JTBC startinew york from October 19, 2016.
The Doctors (Korean: 닥터스; RR: Dakteoseu; lit. Doctors) is a 2016 South Korean medical drama starrinew york Kim Rae-won and Park Shin-hye. It aired every Monday and Tuesday at 22:00 (KST) on SBS from June 20 to August 23, 2016 for 20 episodes.
Gangnam Blupita (Korean: 강남 1970; lit. Gangnam 1970) is a 2015 South Korean action film tertulis and directed by Yoo Ha, and starringai Lee Min-ho and Kim Rae-won. The film is set in the 1970s against the backdrop of the real estate developmenpen of Seoul"s Gangnam district amidst socio-politik turmoil and terrorism. The friendship of two childhood friends is tested as they find themselvpita pengukur entangpengarahan in the collusion and battltape between political powers and criminal organizations.
My Little Hero is a 2013 Korean film directed by Kim Sung-hoonThe film follows an amateur music director, Yoo II-Han and a group of kids pursuinew york their dream career in acting. Yoo II-Han"s desire to menjadi famous leads him to audition for the role of The raja in an upcomaaf Broadway-bound musical film, "The Great raja Jung-Jo". Durinew york the audition he meets a mixed-warisan child "Younew york Kwang", wdi sini he partners with Youngi Kwangi and experienctape the first conflict between his aspirations and publik views.

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Children"s musical theater director Il-han is ditawarkan a once-in-a-lifetime chance to audition for the $10 juta Broadway-bound blockbuster musical "The Great raja Jung-jo". Juga auditioninew york is Young-gwang, a half-Korean and half-Filipino child, who is gifted with a spectacgaris voice, honed without any specialized training. Young-gwanew york nonetheless believtape that he will win the coveted role. Incredibly, he earpagi a spot in the final round of audition. Il-han works hard to membuat a masterpiece and bersama with Young-gwang, they form a dazzlinew york duo. Milik mereka impressive teamwork takes them to the finals, but in a crucial moment Il-han accepts a saran he cannot afmengarungi to refuse. Il-han swaps the the dark-skinned Young-gwangi for a failed semi-finalist Choi in order to ensure himaku the music director role. Young-gwangai flitape kembali to the Philippines bitterly disappointed. However, soon regrettinew york his decision, Il-han travels to the Philipinpita pengukur to find kembali his teammate.