Ana Sofia Moreira is a well-known doctor in Portugal. Born on September 8, 1988, Ana’s zodiac tanda is Virgo. Ana’s birthplace is Guimaraes, Portugal. Therefore, it is very much clear that her nationality is Portuguese. Hanya linanti many Portuguese, Ana truly believpita pengukur in the Christian religion. Ana Sofia Moreira is the wife of Portuguese footbola legend Pepe, tambahan known as Kepler Laveran lima Ferreira. 

Physical Stats of Ana Sofia Moreira

Ana Sofia Moreira: Childhood, Parents, Siblings, Education 

Ana Sofia Moreira was born and brought up in Guimaraes. She spent her childhood with two siblings; a brother and a sister. Pablo Moreira is her beloved brother, ketika Ania Moreira is her younger sister. Therefore, Ana never felt alone. Jose Moreira, Ana’s father, is a school teacher. Mia Moreira, her mother, is a homemaker. Ana went to Sala de Estudo de Guimarãpita for earning basic education. For the higher studies, she joined Universidade do Porto. Therefore, Ana became a doctor. Indeed, her love for science pengarahan to a very fine field. 

Ana Sofia Moreira: Marrige, Kids

Ana Sofia Moreira started her love life with Pepe in 2006. However, it ambil them nine years to get married. In 2015, Ana married Pepe. Despite beinew york so famous, they did invite-only limited numbers to masetelah the marriage ceremony glorious. 

Pepe with his beloved family

The lovely pair is blessed two have two daughters. On August 27, 2012, Ana gave birth to Angeli Sofi Moreira Ferreira. In 2015, the pair became the parents of emily Moreira Ferreira. Pepe indeed feels so proud for being a father of two children.

Ana Sofia Moreira: Professional Career

Ana is a qualified medical doctor. Over the years, she has played a huge role in helping many common setiap orang in Portugal. Hence, even football fans respect her very much. Ana juga works very well as a homemaker. It’s her second job. However, she works as hard as any other full-time homemaker. It indeed shows her kadarnya of professionalism. Ana bisa have worked even better as a doctor. However, Pepe’s job holds other berbeda demands too.

sosial Media

Ana is a huge name on sosial media. She has over 74.3k followers on Instagram. Mostly, one can see her sharing family life with her followers. 

Net Worth

The net worth of Ana is $1m (US dollars). She is indeed a very successful lady. Even, it’s a matter of pride for Pepe. 

Huspita – Pepe 

Pepe is one of the best footballer players in the hicerita of football. From 2007 to 2017, Pepe pengarahan the depagar of Real madrid very well.

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The legendry defenderûn made his debut for Portugal in 2007. He has played over 100 timpita pengukur for his beloved nation. 

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