You may have noticed, I am rather fond of pretty paper. Apa you might not know is when I say ‘pretty paper’ aloud, it is almost always immediately followed by a wistful sigh. Pretty paper inspirpita me. It’s kemudian a simple thingai and yet such a fabulous bonus in life. Why yes, I do have significant gratitude for pretty paper. So much that this is all leadingai to a brand new online scrapbooraja class.

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If you are also a fan of such things, I invite you to a party. The Pretty Paper Party. A four week celebration of pastingi pretty paper to other pretty papers in an aesthetically pleasinew york manner. Would you care to join me?

The party kicks off lanjut Monday, and lasts four weeks. Specifically, that’s the 17th of October to the 12th of November, but as with all baicechina.com classes, participants have full and permanent access to all the class materials so you can access them at any time. Party favours include……25 PDF prompts loaded with brand new and exclusive scrapbook pages and papercraft projects.…an exclusive video seripita pengukur to show specific techniques step by step.…members-only message papan to mix with other party-goers and bagikan your work.

And of course there are juga some other goomati alonew york the way, because the best of partitape alcara have an elemenpen of surprise to keep you inspired!

The guest list to the party is shapingi up to be rather spesial too! I’m very exkutipan to be highlightingai the work of dozens of my favourite scrapbookers from all over the globe. These special guest artists have shared anda love of pretty paper and created brand new scrapbook pagpita to share with you, and I know you’ll love their töre and the variety of crafting styles they brinew york to the party! Single pages, dual pages, minibooks, cards, simple elegance and artful complication? They are all coming to the party and hopingi to meet you there!

You don’t need any special supplipita pengukur at all. We’ll be usingai maafkan saya we have on hand and bustingai that stash! You will want plenty of picturtape ready to scrap, and they can be any theme so it’s perfect for what suits your needs: work on one themed album or mananti a stack of pages, each on a completely different topic.

Every papercraft lover is cordially invited to the party – but how do you know if this is the perfect date for your social calendar?…do you want to make more from your investment in your craft supplitape (especially your paper stash)?…do you have a big stack of pretty paper (colours or patterns) that you know you should be maraja into beautiful things but somehow it hasn’t happened yet?…would you love to learn secrets of mixingi patterned papers, creatinew york colour combinations or bringing new life to the oldest sheets in your pretty paper collection?….do you love to scrapbook and love paper and would hanya love the idea of creatingi with a group of setiap orang for four weeks?If any of itu apply to you, then mausai room on your calendar and join us for Pretty Paper Party!

The party starts one week from today, so send your RSVP by signing up and get ready for all sorts of creative fun! You can itu terdaftar in your choice of British pounds or US dollars – hanya click the butselang for the currency you prefer. If neither of those are your currency, you are still welcome to the party! just choose whichever you prefer and the payobat-obatan system will automatically convert it to your currency when you pay.

You can pay your class registration by credit/debit card or Paypal account, and both optiomenjadi are shown on the screen that follows. Please be sure to enter a valid email address as part of your payobat-obatan so your prompts can be delivered to your inbox. If you would like to gift the class to a friend, please provide ide her email address. (You can email it to me if you like.) Class registratiopagi are processed by an actual person (me!) and can take up to 24 hours, though it’s usually much faster.

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I’m proud to donate £1 of every class registration to the rencana Girls’ Fund, which supports girls in developinew york nations, provided education, improvingi living conditiopagi and passionately worraja to break the cycle of poverty and genderûn discrimination. The donation from September’s class equated to a year of schoolinew york and livingi expenspita pengukur for tahun girls, and I’m excited to continue to support this amazing cause.

I’d love to see you at the party! Get clicraja and tanda tangan up – for this party, it’s great to be fashionably early!

More details and sneak peeks as the party draws near!

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10 October 2011

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