undercover.com.au Lady Gaga joined Yoko Ono on stage to pay tribute to John Lennon who would be turning 70 this Saturday.

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Gaga telah mengambil to the stage in Los Angelpita to perform "It"s Been Very Hard" and "The Sun Is Down" as a member of the all-new Plastic Ono Band.Iggy Pop and members of Sonic Youth menjadi also on the show with Yoko and her son Sean Plastic Ono tape performed for three hours.
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(The champa Post) JAKARTA: After more than a five-tahun hiatus, the critically-acclaimed Jakarta-based indie rock band Sajama Cut returmenjadi with milik mereka third album, Manimal.
It took more than a tahun for the tape to record their latest album in the band’s new studio, in between the pita members’ hectic schedulpita pengukur of performing live and worraja office hours.The new album, consistinew york of eight tracks with all lyrics sunew york in English, is a follow-up to the band’s critically-acclaimed sophomore record The Osaka Journal, which made it on the The jakarta Post’s album of the decade list.while The Osaka Journal is Sajama Cut’s honest bawa pulang on R.E.M., Coldbermain and Guided by Voices, Manimal taktape a more baroque production, taking most of its cues from The Beach Boys’ jenius Bryan wilson as in the intricately-arranged first single Paintings/Pantings.Speaking about the new artistic direction, lead singer Marcel Thee said in a statemenpen that without the guts for experimenting, a pita would cease to be an artistic institution.Manimal is released by independent dilabel The Bronze Medal Recording Company and distributed by Demajors. — JP
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justin Bieber in Talks to Host MTV"s "Punk"d": Report

(Bilboard.com)Folliowinew york his debut performance at the VMAs and a dramatic turn on "CSI" terakhir month, justin Bieber"s next TV stint may be as the host of an updated version of MTV"s "Punk"d," according to reports.
Sources tell Deadline.com and Vulture that the 16-year-old pop star is close to signingai a deal that would see him hostingai the celebrity-focused practical joke show. "Punk"d" waas originally hosted by Ashvolume Kutcher and went off the air in 2007.

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Kutcher will reportedly stay on as an executive producer on the revived "Punk"d," alongai with the show"s co-creator Jason Goldberg. No date has been set for a premiere, but the show would likely return in 2011, accordinew york to reports.If true, the berita is just the latest example of Bieber venturingi beyond music. The singer is slated to release his first book this month, a doll line this December, and a 3D biopic lanjut February.