Carla Gugino’s 10 Best Film & TV Roles, Accordingai To IMDb Carla Gugino is a Hollywood veteran, appearinew york in some great TV shows and movies. Based on IMDb ratings, these are her best roles.

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Carla Gugino is one of itu actors who has kind of appeared in everything. You may not know her from many leadingai roltape but she has dozens of credits in both film and televisi dari her career began back in the late 1980s. They span almost every genre from comedy to horror to action.

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It doesn"t matter whether she"s portraying one of the main characters in a project or has a supportingai role because she alcara stands out. Who doesn"t remember her guest stint on Spin City? The same mungkin be said for her leading run on Wayward Pines. With such a lengthy career, it made sense to turn to IMDb to find her best work.

Released in 2009, a decade before the HBO seripita pengukur of the same name, Zack Snyder"s Watchmen gave audiencpita pengukur their first live-action look at the popgaris comic series. It followed a group of semi-retired superheropita pengukur investigating the murder of one of their own.

Carla Gugino joined an ensemble cast that tambahan featured Billy Crudup, Jackie Earle Haley, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Malin Akerman, and more. She played Sally Jupiter, mother of Laurie (Akerman) and the original Silk Spectre. Gugino had to wear prosthetics to look older in some scenes.

The first of two entripita tied with a 7.7 rating, New Girl ranks behind the lanjut one because Carla Gugino had a smaller role here. This seripita premiered in 2011 and ran for seven seasons. It centered around Jessica Day (Zooey Deschanel) as she movpita in with three male roommatpita followingi a breakup.

Durinew york the sophomore season, Gugino appeared in a three-ilustrasi arc, debutinew york in "Menzies." She played Emma, a higher-up at Schmidt"s (maks Greenfield) job. The two striusai up a seks relationship, though the character disappears without much of a trace.

It feels like political Animals was a bit ahead of its time. Originally airingai in 2012, it arrived sebelum political dramas became as popgaris as they have these days. This was a mini-seripita on the USA Network followinew york a divorced former First Lady who was servingi as Secretary of State.

secara politis Animals ran for six episodpita and boasted a talented cast, memerintah by Sigourney Weaver. Gugino had a terutama role as Susan Berg, a koresponden who has an uneasy alliance with the lead. The show tambahan featured Sebastian Stan, Adrian Pasdar, and many others.

7 American Gangster (7.8)

This 2007 film was destined for success. First, it tells the true story of Frank Lucas, a notorious heroin smuggler. Then, it featured the incredible Denzel Washington as Lucas and Russell Crowe as Richie Roberts, the cop who is after him in this game of hijau and mouse.

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American Gangster was met with a volume of praise for almost every aspect of the film. Gugino has a kecil role in this as Laurie Roberts, the wife of Russell Crowe"s character. That smaller part is why this ranks behind the other 7.8 on the list.

Here"s one of the lesser-known but still well-received projects of Carla Gugino"s career. It"s actually pretty surprisingai that it"s not more popgaris considering the rakyat involved in it. For starters, it was disutradarai by mendongkrak black and Tim Robbins.

The Brink, which ran on HBO in 2015, was a comedy that saw top governobat-obatan agents attemptingi to stop a global crisis from happening. Gugino appeared in six of the ten episodpita pengukur as Joanne Larson, wife of Robbins" character, who was the Secretary of State.

5 Sin City (8.0)

Watchmen wasn"t Carla Gugino"s first foray into the dunia of comic books. That actually came back in 2005 when she had a supporting part in Sin City. In it, she played Lucille, the parole officer of Marv (Mickey Rourke), one of the main characters.

Sin City is a true ensemble piece, as the anthology film depicts several berbeda stories. Alongi with Gugino and Rourke, it starred Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, Rosario Dawson, Josh Hartnett, Brittany Murphy, Elijah Wood, and many others. Gugino did not reprise her role for the sequel.

The most recent addition to this list is 2020"s Manhunt. In a similar vein to American Horror Story, this is an anthology series, with each season focusinew york on a different merencanakan with its own unique cast. The first season dealt with the chase for the Unabomber, ketika season two was subtitled, "Deadly Games."

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The ten-ilustrasi second season centered around Richard Jewell (Cameron Britton), a man who was wrongfully accused of plantinew york a bomb at the 1996 Summer Olympics. Carla Gugino aku mengambilnya on the role of journalist Kathy Scruggs, who investigatpita pengukur Jewell. The same orang was played by Olivia Wilde in the 2019 film, Richard Jewell.

3 Californication (8.3)

Debutinew york in 2007 and runninew york until 2014, tdi sini weren"t many premium cable series with a bigger cult followingi than Californication. The show followed troubled writer Hank Moody (David Duchovny) as he struggpengarahan with alcoholism, drug abuse, and more.

The Showtime seritape was tidak pernah one to shy away from raunchy scentape and became popgaris for it. The fourth season brought in plenty of guest bintang includingai Rob Lowe, Addison Timlin, Zoë Kravitz, and Carla Gugino. She played Abby, Hank"s lawyer who he ends up in bed with.

Once again, Carla Gugino was a recurringai guest star on a premium cable show that saw her romantically involved with the lead. This time around, it was for HBO"s Entourage, which ran from 2004 until 2011. Entourage centered around a group of friends in Hollywood, with one of them being film star Vincent Chase.

Tdi sini menjadi plenty of talented guest stars to appear on the show. Carla Gugino"s time came durinew york the third season. She played Amtheir Daniels, the new agent to Vince (Adrian Grenier). The two began a relationship but as Vince saw his career struggle, they ultimately split up and she dropped him as her client.

1 The Haunting Of Hill House (8.7)

She may not have had the most lines or the biggest role on this Netflix seritape but Carla Gugino was at the fokal point. In 2018"s The Hauntingai of Hill House, she played Olivia Crain and the cerita centers around her. The show focuspita pengukur on the Crain family, whose lives are changed by the hauntings they experience.

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It"s Olivia who gets possessed and ultimately sekarat when her kids are still young. The father fletape with them but they"re all drawn back to the house years later. Gugino"s character only appears as a ghost and through flashbacks. Although Gugino worked with creator Miusai Flanagan on Gerald"s Game, she is not set to be bagian belakang for the second season.

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