- Activitipita climbing Mount that has become commonplace nature lovers or for those who want to mulailah their first ascent. In the west tdi sini are some friendly mountain to climb for beginners, one of which is Mount. A mountain is in the scope of Gede National Park, which is one of the five national parks in Indonesia was first announced in 1980. The mountain is located in the three districts of Bogor, cianjur and Sukabumi.

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For hiking, the Mount has 3 resmi channels namely Cibodas, Gunungai Putri and Selabintana. At this time we are goingai to track through cibodas. Climbing Mount Kenmiliki via line Cibodas is the main and paling favorite route for climbers. Cibodas location in the district of Cianjur, barat Java. To reach basecamp or gateway climbing Cibodas Cibodas access is easy enough to just go Cibodas Botanical Garden because it was one way to base camp. Some natural charm in the Mount will be found alongai the trail, so be careful on the seductive beauty of nature!

At the entrance gate of the Cibodas bascamp, you are required to report and show the letter - a letter of permission and will do an examination of luggage, startingai with the beginningi of the climb passpita pengukur a rocky path through the rainforest. Durinew york the trip often climbers will find some monkeys roam freely. After travelinew york a distance of 1.5 km, you will arrive at a swamp called Telaga Biru. These wells are discolored due to crop the algae in it. Lanjut you"ll be taken through a bridge made of wood with the right-hand side is a swamp, would be to get Gayanew york Great Swamp. Post Gayangai situated at an altitude of 1600 mdpl or 100 meters above the Blue Lake. Line a wooden bridge has been damaged, a lot of wood apart so you must be careful in their stride. Beauty and coolness around Telaga Biru often makpita climbers linger at home to relax.
After successfully resist the temptation of Blue lake trail at Mount Kenya, you will find a crossroads that will tempt you again for stoppingi by. An intersection, if the right toward Niapergilah Cibereum kapan to the left to the top of Mount Kenya. If you"re tired, it mungkin not hurt to wash your face with water from the Niagara Cibereum.

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After a rest or hanya enjoy the air Niapergilah Cibereum, you can continue perjalanamu. From the fork trail began to climb and meander through the trail of steep rocks. Roaringi waterfall trail vanishes slowly disappearinew york Cibereum pace of gettingi away. Later you will find a ZIP tidak hadir marten (1,820 masl). In this place there is a buildingai to sit and rest.
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