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When it damages down healthy protein from foods, your body develops ammonia. Ammonia includes nitrogen, which combines with various other components in your body, consisting of oxygen, hydrogen, and also carbon, to create urea. When you pee, urea is a waste item that is secreted by the kidneys.

The pee urea nitrogen examination establishes just how much urea remains in the pee to examine the quantity of healthy protein break down. The examination can assist identify just how well the kidneys are operating and also whether your consumption of healthy protein is reduced or as well high. In addition, it can assist detect whether you have a trouble with healthy protein food digestion or absorption from the intestine.

Objective of a pee urea nitrogen examination

Your medical professional will normally advise a urea examination to identify healthy protein degrees in the body. The examination can identify just how much healthy protein you're consuming, and also if it's an appropriate quantity. On top of that, your urea nitrogen degrees might increase if you're undergoing cardiac arrest or dehydration.

An usual examination for urea nitrogen is the blood urea nitrogen examination, much better called BUN. This short article describes the pee urea nitrogen examination, which is executed making use of a pee example.

A urea nitrogen examination can likewise:

If you have kidney diseasemonitor your kidney diseasehelp identify a number of illness and also problems that might influence exactly how your kidneys operate [evaluate exactly how well the kidneys are functioningdetermine [br> Pee urea nitrogen examination procedure

The pee urea nitrogen examination includes assessing pee examples that you gather throughout a defined 24-hour duration.

Follow your physician's boss exactly how to accumulate the example. Typically, you will certainly keep regular consuming as well as alcohol consumption routines throughout the collection stage.


Clean your hands very carefully prior to as well as after gathering each example. Additionally, see to it that you cover the containers snugly. Tag and also return the examples to the physician as advised. Examples require to be cooled throughout the 24-hour duration.

On the initial day of collection, you will not accumulate an example when you initially pee that early morning. Keep in mind the moment, and after that gather all pee for the continuing to be 1 day.

As soon as gathered, the pee is sent out to a research laboratory for evaluation.

Comprehending your examination results

A regular urea degree in the pee is 12 to 20 grams over 24 hr. Specific laboratories might have referral arrays that differ a little and also can be various based upon sex or age.

Reduced degrees of urea in the pee might recommend:

High degrees of urea in the pee might recommend:

too much healthy protein failure in the body

When your pee examples have actually been assessed, your physician will certainly call you to go over your outcomes. They might require to purchase even more examinations or physical examinations prior to they have the ability to offer you a medical diagnosis.

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Clinically examined by Carissa Stephens, R.N., CCRN, CPN-- Composed by Rachel Nall, MSN, CRNA-- Upgraded on February 28, 2018

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