It simply wouldn"t be right if Go into the Gungeon didn"t contend the very least one unlockable personality. You begin with a weak 4 gungeoneers (plus the Cultist for co-op), so there"s obtained ta be even more than that, right?
You are right! There are 2 unlockable personalities in Go into the Gungeon , one being the Robotic and also the various other being the Bullet.

In this overview, we"re mosting likely to review exactly how to open the Bullet, which is as one-of-a-kind as it is enjoyable. Unlike the various other gungeoneers you have readily available, the Bullet begins with a melee tool called Blasphemy. Right here"s what you require to understand.

Just how to open the Bullet

The actions to opening this little individual are very easy adequate to comply with however in fact doing them can be a time-sink.

When you"ve defeated at the very least one personality"s Past, you"ll periodically face a Bulletkin that"s a bit various from the remainder.


This cape-donning little person will certainly be discovered throughout the Gungeon beginning in Chamber 1, when you"ve finished an additional personality"s past. As soon as points obtain frantic, he is in some cases rather tough to see.

You have to maintain the Bullet to life till you are done removing the area, after which it will certainly leave and also you will certainly need to seek it out once more.

The basic essence is this:

Beat one personality"s PastLook for a caped Bullet Kin in succeeding runsProtect the caped Bullet Kin each time you see itProtect it 5 times

After you"ve discovered and also shielded the Bullet 5 times, he will certainly join your lineup as a long-term choice.

The Bullet will certainly appear arbitrarily throughout an offered run, however is most often discovered in Chambers much deeper within the Gungeon. You"ll be more probable to discover it in Chamber 3 than in Chamber 1, however it can be discovered anywhere. It"s best simply to maintain your eyes open for him on succeeding runs, as opposed to playing simply to discover him.

What"s so unique regarding the Bullet?

He"s reached be a quite trendy guy to be either unlockable personalities, right? Hell yeah, he is.

As stated, the Bullet begins with a melee tool called Blasphemy, which is a real sword instead of a weapon.

In a dungeon constructed from and also loaded with weapons, this tool stands alone as a sword that really imitates a sword.

Blasphemy damages bullets within its strike variety, just like some weapons" reload computer animation as well as melee tools in a particular various other bullet-hell roguelite. It likewise flashes a laser sword when striking with complete health and wellness, and also it is the only beginning tool that can be discovered in the Gungeon (as soon as it"s opened, anyhow).

Other than Blasphemy, the Bullet comes furnished with an easy thing called "I"m A Bullet Too!" that makes him unsusceptible to get in touch with damages and also raises rolling damages. It"s an optimal mix with the short-range murder activity of the Blasphemy, simply put on"t obtain any type of concepts concerning the Bullet being unique in the stat division: previous beginning with "I"m A Bullet Too!" and also Blasphemy, the Bullet coincides as every person else.


There"s very little even more to learn about the Bullet as well as just how to obtain him. It can take a number of go to ultimately discover as well as conserve the caped marvel that is this personality, yet your determination will certainly repay when you"re lastly able to include it to your lineup as well as take Blasphemy for a spin.