Fork & Blade Chopsticks are the excellent mobile tool. This top quality collection includes a blade and also fork which can be hooked with each other to develop an incredibly simple set of chopsticks.Made of resilient as well as difficult food secure plastic as well as silicone, Fork & Blade Chopsticks are dish washer secure and also offered in several colors.Features & specsDimensions(Blade): 8.125"x 0.75 "x 0.25"

Measurements (Fork): 7.75"x 1.0" x 0.25"Products: food risk-free plastic and also siliconeDishwasher safeMade in Spain The Transformers of utensils!No issue what you "re chewing, the Fork & Blade Chopsticks guarantee you won"t wind up with sticky fingers. These special tools can be made use of as a typical blade as well as fork or hooked with each other and also exchanged completely squeezing chopsticks. Sweeeet! Fork & Blade Chopsticks are a special changing tool set.Quickly transform your fork & blade right into chopsticks The Fork & Blade Chopsticks are quickly hooked right into each other to produce user friendly chopsticks.For those of you that place"t understood standard chopsticks

(guilty as billed ), making use of Fork & Blade Chopsticks rates remedy for the humiliation of needing to utilize a folded paper and also an elastic band. Merely hook the fork as well as blade with each other to develop an outstanding set of chopsticks.Seriously, anyone can

make use of these chopsticks Some individuals use chopsticks look so very easy-- particularly when they"re devouring — on something with little items like rice. With Fork & Blade Chopsticks, you can obtain your chopstick on without seeming like you "re shedding an irritating video game of Procedure versus your food.In reality, among our testers had the ability to utilize them with his left hand while

laying out invaluable art work with his right-hand man.*