DISAPPOINTING PARADISEPersonalities Entailed:Expiry Day:2/ 22
Ashe and also Catherine

When you begin this Paralogue Fight Catherine will certainly come ask you for a support. Keep in mind the story to strike Rhea (which was simply a diversion, however we swerve.)? Yeah, we"re mosting likely to go precise some vengeance on the Western Church. Hooray! A divine battle! Ashe will certainly hear as well as provided the results this schism has actually carried his adoptive family members he"ll ask ahead along, as well as inevitably obtains his means.


The Assassins are powerful in melee battle, as well as won "t wait to involve, being eager to run eastern along the north end of the map, most likely involving within 2 or 3 turns - watch out for their possible undesirable look in the timbers to the north and also northwest. Similarly the Pegasus Knights to the northeast and also eastern most likely will progress also, yet there"s a fantastic counter to them - archers, naturally. If you can relocate an archer right into the woodlands to the eastern they"ll most likely be crazy sufficient to involve. Simply ensure your archers can take a hit (the cover given by the woodlands ought to assist with this) as well as have the Close Counter capacity and also the Pegasus Knights need to deal with an ignominious fatality. When it comes to the Assassins, you ought to devote your article powerful melee devices to involving them - an Armored Knight, or any kind of personality with high PRT - will certainly succeed. Perk factors if their Assault Rate suffices to prevent obtaining struck twice.To the northeast as well as southeast you deal with various dangers: Armored Knights and also Cavaliers, specifically. The last are slow-moving while the previous fast as long as they stay clear of woodlands, and also both are relatively weak to magic. Your wheels can counterattack as well as clean them out relatively quickly if you can tempt them right into striking tough warriors of your very own. Eventually it might be much easier to utilize your wheels to send off the Armored Knights, as any kind of Cavaliers you stop working to send off rapidly will likely ride around your warriors to assault softer targets. If you locate this to be the situation, gearing up the warriors you send out to the southeast with Woman Rhea" s protective statistics are high sufficient to prevent most assaults
, and also she likewise loads fairly a punch.Move your devices to compel positive experiences, as pointed out over, utilize central wheels

to cast Physic from afar to maintain damaged devices in the battle, and also when it comes to securing Girl Rhea ... you shouldn "t concern excessive, as she" s rather effective in her very own right. The opponent Cavaliers, Armored Knights and also diverse wheels ought to have problem hurting her whatsoever provided her high PRT as well as RSL ratings, as well as her guard will certainly restore some shed HP every turn. Your only genuine concern as for she "s worried is if numerous more powerful systems-Assassins and/or Pegasus Knights-reach her in a brief period of time. If you take the actions recommended over, this need to be not likely, yet there is a difficulty that can make this more probable to happen.


Delegated their very own tools, opponent Clergymans will certainly mobilize supports. Eliminate them to stop their mischief.Along the eastern and also

western sides of the map are a Clergyman system, which will certainly or else be material to loaf as well as not do anything however off-and-on mobilize supports ... usually in the kind of even more Pegasus Knights. Your archers in the eastern must have little problem rejecting the initial team of Pegasus Knights, after which it shouldn "t be tough whatsoever for one to push eastern and also eliminate the Clergyman there. To the west, nonetheless, think about sending out among your very own Pegasus Knights to remove the Clergyman. The last point you require on this map are Pegasus Knights turning up at a regrettable time.Defeat the Dark Diocesan to the northwest to rack up a Secret Publication, while your incentives for completing the

fight will certainly consist of some Footwear of the Wind as well as the Gaspard Knights Battalion.Once manyof the previously mentioned devices have actually been smote you can simply diminish the clock, if you want, yet there"s prize to be had beating both

abovementioned Dark Diocesans hiding in the southeastern and also northwestern edges. Both have fairly high statistics (they"re a suit for Woman Rhea, as a matter of fact! ), with unbelievable magic damages result as well as RSL, as well as their PRT isn"t also shoddy, either. You" ll certainly intend to involve them with devices that can take some spell damages, and also once more, the Pegasus Knight makes an excellent prospect, particularly given that they can strike, then fly out of array if they require to prevent reprisals.The Dark Diocesan in the northwestern edge will certainly go down a Secret Publication when beat while the one to the southeast produces a Steel Guard. They can "t all be champions, eh? An additional wheel(west of where you begin)has a Lantern which ... well, it"s there. Win the fight as well as you"ll get Footwear of the Wind( long-term Motion +1, really great! ), a Vital Ring as well as some Umbral Steel x1. You"ll likewise obtain the Gaspard Knights Squadron after the battle coatings.