Discover the marvels of old Egypt with a remarkable journal from a shed exploration —-- a bonanza of truth as well as dream including an uniqueness aspect on every spread. That can withstand the appeal of old Egypt —-- as well as the adventure of discovering enigmas that have existed concealed for hundreds of years? Not the energetic Miss Emily Sands, that in 1926, 4 years after the exploration of King Tut"s burial place, led an exploration up the Nile trying to find the burial place of the god Osiris. Sadly, Miss Sands and also team quickly disappeared right into the desert, never ever to be seen once more. Yet fortunately, her eager monitorings reside on in the type of a carefully maintained journal, loaded with illustrations, pictures, brochures, foldout maps, postcards, and also lots of various other appealing examples. Below are simply a few of   Egyptology"sspecial functions:—-- an extravagantly opulent cover, including an elevated Horus hawk necklace with 3 dirtied treasures—-- a usable video game of Senet —-- old Egyptian checkers —-- consisting of board, items, original-style dice, and also policies—-- a keepsake pamphlet demonstrating how to check out straightforward hieroglyphs—-- a scrap of distinctive "mommy fabric"—-- a replica of the opulent mommy mask of King Tut—-- an opulent eye-of-Horus amulet with a "gem" at the endRich with details regarding life in old Egypt and also peppered with Miss Sands"s vibrant narrative,   Egyptology   wraps up with a letter from the previous Caretaker of Antiquities at the British Gallery, describing which components of this special story might be approved as reality, which are directed by tale, and also which show the writer"s fascinating feeling of fancy.

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Dugald Steer
  has actually created numerous publications for youngsters consisting of the very successful   Dragonology   and also its friend,   The Dragonology   Manual, along with the upcoming   Wizardology. For 10 years he was an editor at Templar Posting in England, however he currently dedicates himself full time to composing. Various other publications he has actually created consist of,   The Evening Tiger,   Simply Another Tale, as well as   Photo This   ... (with Alison Jay). For the minute, however, it appears a lot more "ologies" are in the homicide. Nghiem Ta , Artistic Instructions: Nghiem Ta functions as a developer and also paper-engineer at Templar where she has actually supervised the production of the very popular   Dragonology   and also   Egyptology, in addition to the honest   Wizardology. Before dealing with Templar, she invested 4 years with pop-up genius Ron van der Meer. Her existing jobs consist of even more publications with "ology" in the title. Ian Andrew , Musician: Ian Andrew developed the white as well as black pencil images for   Egyptology   as well as   The   Egyptology   Manual. He is an achieved animator having actually serviced the computer animated movie, "Dolphins" which won a number of honors consisting of Finest Novice at the Zagreb Movie Event. He has actually shown lots of publications for youngsters consisting of   Jim"s Lion   by Russell Hoban as well as   Inform Me Something, Father   by Tom Pow.   Nick Harris , Musician: Nick Harris produced the huge shade images in   Egyptology   on his computer system. Along with ventures right into computer animated television marketing, he invested a spell operating in the history division on the attribute movie, "That Mounted Roger Bunny?" He has actually highlighted numerous publications for youngsters consisting of the Smarties publication Champion   Firework Manufacturer"s Child   by Phillip Pullman.    Helen Ward , Musician: Helen Ward, that additionally worked with   Dragonology, repainted the lots of shade leisures of Old Egyptian statuaries, wall surface paints, as well as classical times along with the 1920s souvenirs that show up in   Egyptology. Helen has actually additionally created a variety of effective kids"s publications consisting of   The Tin Woodland   and also   The Dragon Device, both highlighted by Wayne Anderson.