CD Projekt RED"s 3rd Witcher incorporates the collection" non-linear narration with a stretching open globe that wraps up the legend of Geralt of Rivia.



I"m not exactly sure I completely recognize however yes you can most likely avoid the Witcher 1 for a range of various factors.


When it comes to just how much one"s savegames from Witcher 1 & 2 will certainly affect 3, I can"t remark because I simply wear"t recognize. Yet, I will certainly claim that when it pertains to the very first 2 video games, I really took pleasure in the tale in 1 greater than I performed in 2. Nevertheless, gameplay-wise I believed 2 was far better (primarily the fight).

I make sure you can simply miss 1 (as well as possibly 2 too) and also be simply great having fun 3, however considered that both the older video games set you back following to absolutely nothing nowadays as well as often turn up in GOG as well as Vapor sales; if you have the moment I"d claim go all out. Regardless of some defects and also klunky little bits, both are superb RPGs in their very own right, supplying a lot of hrs of enjoyable.


I"m repeating the initial video game now. I very question any kind of tale choices will certainly influence Witcher III at all. Nevertheless, it"s still an actually great (and also relatively strange) RPG. It doesn"t actually play rather like anything else. I"m shocked at just how much I"m appreciating it on a 2nd playthrough years later on.

, if you have time I would certainly advise playing 1 as well as 2.. While the selections will most likely be even more of a nod to witcher followers and also a couple of small scenes I would certainly still advise it. And also while w2 is a far better video game, the initial is extra climatic as well as really felt the pursuits as well as atmospheres were a lot more individual and also based. As well as the initial aching is a lot far better than the 2nd one. So like I stated if you have 60+ hrs for both video games prior to W3 offer it a shot. It develops Geralt that he is and also such.

Remember that the initial one is rather sluggish paced and also the battle is not its strong suit. And also the voice performing is not as helpful for npcs and more. Its an old computer video game. So yeah. Yet directly I such as W1 even more than W2 also if the gameplay component of it is not as great.

I attempted to play the initial Witcher video game as well as couldn"t enter it for one reason or another. I simply quit 6 hrs in.

I check out a tale recap online and also leapt right into 2 and also liked it.

I"m presently playing the Witcher 1 for the very first time. It is an extremely sluggish begin, it took up until act 2 to obtain me connected, today that I recognized what the video game in fact is it"s impressive. The video game isn"t for everybody, however I"d claim play witcher 1 atleast up until, and also a little bit of, act 2.

Your options are so not likely to matter it is past inconsequential to play it. They hardly mattered in Witcher 2. Additionally indeed, the gameplay is really rather negative so it deserves missing for that also. Not play the video games if you actually desire an admiration for what is going on in witcher 3 and also the personalities included you need to review the publications.

You need to complete it if you like the initial video game. It"s rather cool down. Yet yep as for selections as well as conserves go, you could too miss it.

Your selections are so not likely to matter it is past useless to play it. They hardly mattered in Witcher 2.

Yeh for tale as well as worldstate factors theres no requirement to play 1 and also 2. 1 is the far better video game yet the gameplay in 2 is most likely similar as in 3 so if you wan na enter state of mind for TW3 play some TW2.

If you desire to understand even more regarding the globe as well as the tradition, the only factor to play the initial video game is. That"s a choice you can conveniently make later on after you"ve ended up the Witcher 2 because I can"t see that your choices would certainly play right into the 2nd video game in any way anyhow. What I appreciated of the Witcher 1 was primarily the tale and also learning much more regarding the globe, however I additionally discovered it to be a little bit of a slog eventually. It"s not specifically a brief video game, IIRC.

Shouldn"t we have actually found out now that tale options wear"t truly imply anything. You must play both video games if you desire to recognize the tale.

You additionally shouldn"t avoid one as well as play 2. One is a much better video game. The tale is far better and also I favor the gameplay. It"s a little cumbersome however it"s special as well as functions well as soon as you figure it out. In the 2nd one they made it a lot more according to exactly how every various other third individual video game plays.

I actually can"t state what"s mosting likely to rollover right into this video game"s tale yet.

Anyways, I assume 2 is far better than 1 (which is truly great in some locations and also really flawed in others). Not that 2 is general yet best I assume it"s absolutely much better as well as much more friendly. If you have the moment and also actually wish to return to 1 it"s constantly there.

Undoubtedly some 1 followers in this string yet total I"d state it"s much less preferred. My largest concern was it was the pacing and also I believed it was as well long. I"m thinking a lot more points from 2 rollover (from tale to selections to gameplay technicians).

I assume it"s worth playing the Witcher 1 on very easy simply for the tale. The battle is not excellent, and also playing it on very easy is practically the exact same video game with quicker fight (and also much less possibility of shedding, normally).

It"s additionally flawlessly great to miss the Witcher 1, truthfully.

Witcher 1 had fantastic tale and also it established the globe much better than the W2. Additionally Witcher 1 really feels even more like a witcher sort of experience - a minimum of contrasting to the initial publication tales. I question that the selections rollover in any type of significant means.

Just how around guides? Sword of Fate was fantastic intro to the globe of the witcher and also the Last Dream has crucial phase associating with the W3.

artisanbreads: Its much less preferred becouse it was a relativly unidentified video game which noone played. Its the Satanic force hearts of the hearts collection. The majority of people that suggests 2 over 1 either "attempted" to play 1 after playing 2 years after its launch or they didnt play it whatsoever. Like
punched claimed the fight misbehaves in both video games however at the very least its one-of-a-kind in 1. I do not anticipate the battle to be great in 3 either.

artisanbreads: Its much less prominent becouse it was a relativly unidentified video game which noone played. Its the Devil spirits of the hearts collection. Lots of people that advises 2 over 1 either "attempted" to play 1 after playing 2 years after its launch or they didnt play it whatsoever. Like
punched claimed the fight misbehaves in both video games however at the very least its special in 1. I do not anticipate the battle to be great in 3 either.

When it came out and also then played 2, no I played it right. I assume there"s plenty to not such as in 1. I such as the fight in 2 a whole lot a lot more, despite the fact that it winds up being repeated.

Not claiming it"s a poor video game general yet there"s rather large concerns with it to me.

artisanbreads: I was talking about TW1 being on the whole much less prominent not your position on it. If thats exactly how you really feel, you made excellent debates as well as theres absolutely nothing incorrect with placing 2 over 1.

Th concern of tale as well as selection effect has actually been addressed yet I simply intended to upload to state that I a lot liked Witcher 1 at the end of the day. It really feels old as well as has its imperfections, once you bet a little bit and also surpass some archaic elements, I feel it"s far more gratifying of an experience. Additionally in some way I actually suched as the battle, which I recognize isn"t one of the most preferred point of view.

I sanctuary"t played 2 yet so no discuss that. I finished the initial one a pair years earlier and also need to confess that I pressed myself to defeat it due to the fact that I didn"t wish to leave it incomplete. That stated, I did appreciate playing with the very first fifty percent or 3/4 of the video game. To be sincere, I just got the 2nd one due to the fact that it fell to $5 as well as I believed, "Hey, it"s worth it to me to attempt it out for a pair hrs for 5 dollars." After checking out testimonials extra, I"m rather thrilled now. I simply mounted it the other day for the very first time. (I"ve been resolving a stockpile of video games.)

I believe I would certainly have suched as The Witcher 1 even more if it wasn"t for that foolish Alvin subplot. (Which introduced the also dumber spin finishing.)

It kinda advised me of something like Skyrim, because one of the most intriguing things took place sideways of the tale. The major story was featureless as well as quite throwaway. It"s respectable at globe structure, however it possibly won"t be that appropriate to 3.

That being claimed, I did appreciate it sufficient that I virtually quickly headed out as well as acquired the very first Witcher publication after completing it, so take that wherefore you will.

You ought to play The Witcher simply to see just how much of an enhancement The Witcher 2 is. Extract from that what you will.

I suched as the Witcher 1 a fair bit, as well as suched as the Witcher 2 a little bit much less so. 1 really felt really distinct, absolutely nothing else like it.

I can recognize intending to miss the very first one, I needed to compel myself to play the video game up till the last phase (possibly 2nd to last?) when spunk struck the follower and also points obtained intriguing.

However you will certainly lose out on chances to make allies which will certainly help you in the follow up. I"m thinking the deafult begin on Witcher 2 presumes you"ve made no fantastic buddies in the initial video game. It will certainly still be an enjoyable video game though. If you desire, go in advance as well as miss 1.

I never ever played 2 yet today i"m having fun with the initial video game, concerning 8 hrs in as well as it has actually certainly been an excellent experience up until now. you ought to obtain it, it"s for sale rather usually as well, i obtained it for concerning 1EUR or something like that.

I simply completed The Witcher 2 once again. I initially played it near completion of 2013; this was prior to I got the initial on Heavy steam, as I had actually gotten the initial in 2014, as well as had simply defeat it on Monday. While I would certainly state you put on"t need to play it; that goes with either of them actually, I would completely suggest you play both. I believe you"d obtain even more out of the experience if you played both. Simply playing The Witcher 2 once more, I had actually completely failed to remember a great deal of the tale, so I enjoy I repeated it, as well as I valued the tale as well as personalities a little bit extra because of playing the very first. I am truly satisfied I played both the initial 2 video games. I"m prepared for 3 currently:-RRB-. That claimed, I"ll need to make use of the Poet (or whoever the personality will certainly be) that executes my selections from the initial 2 video games right into 3, since I played the very first on Vapor, The Witcher 2 on 360, as well as I"ll most likely be playing 3 on the PS4. If I were you, I"d remorse not playing the very first, however that"s me. Additionally, I assumed both had much better top qualities to them over the various other, so neither of them were on the whole much better than the various other I assume. I need to claim the initial requires time to enter into however; I had actually played it on as well as off in other words ruptureds early, yet it ultimately clicked eventually, particularly because I wished to persevere prior to 3. I suggest missing the agreement objectives.