div iframe div Team: solid Phase 4 - Grasping the Resource h3 Beginning Map: Reaping machine"s Shore This mission will certainly be contributed to your journal after you discover the entry To Bloodmoon Safe # 2 situated under the Blazing Sculpture. p Relevant sights divinity-original-sin-2-silent-as-the-grave div To Bloodmoon Safe # 2Reaper"s Coastline p Spirit of Sibling MorganReaper"s Shore imager_3_6368_700.jpg" alt="*" Bar (Safe # 2)Reaping machine"s Coastline p div Medical ReportReaper"s Shore p div ButtonsReaper"s Shore p baicechina.com Had KidReaper"s Shore 1. Open up Seal h3 To discover the entry to the safe situated under the Blazing Sculpture , you need to initially review guide called solid Ornate Hymnal solid Just the personality with solid Scholar solid skill will certainly have the ability to comprehend what is created in it. p We damaged the seal of the Blazing Sculpture, disclosing a method right into a concealed safe. h3 2. Get in Safe We have actually gone into a safe that exists under a blazing sculpture. What exists within ...? p 3. Spoken Clergyman Safe # 2 p Speak with Spirit of Bro Morgan. p We satisfied the spirit of Sibling Morgan, that had actually been securing a had little woman in the safes. If we could, he asked us to aid her. p h3 4. Schedule Youngster Most likely to the Archive as well as locate Clinical Record. Review it. We checked out a publication coverage on the stopped working exorcism of a youngster. It appears that the demonic bloodsucker was as well solid, which all traces of the kid"s spirit appeared to have actually discolored from view. p h3 5. Made use of Bar h3 Attempt to utilize Bar (Safe # 2). Some type of pressure is avoiding us from utilizing the bar. We"ll demand to determine simply what it is that is impeding us. br 6. Bro Convinced h3 Attempt to encourage Spirit of Bro Morgan to unlock and also allow you in. You must assure him that you will certainly take the woman with you. p We convinced the spirit of Sibling Morgan to allow us go into the internal chamber of the safe. p 7. Sibling SV h3 You will certainly have to take in the resource of the ghost if persuasion falls short. p Among us took in the Resource of Bro Morgan"s spirit, finishing his control over the bar that manages the internal chamber of the safe. p 8. Child Met Most likely to the following space and also talk with Had Child. We located a comatose little woman existing the heart of the safe, bound by transcendent chains affixed to 4 columns. Her undead pet cat, Buttons, stayed at her side. p Buttons does not enable you to obtain near to his woman. You need to encourage him to allow you do that, or eliminate him. br 9. Ruined Pillars Damage all columns. p We ruined the columns that held the comatose little lady. 10. Took Child p Speak to the lady and also teleport her to the Girl Revenge. p We determined to bring the little lady back to the Woman Revenge. Probably it will certainly be feasible to eliminate the bad entity that hides within her at a later phase. 10.1. Pursuit Award h3 Speak with Spirit of Sibling Morgan once again. p Individual Remarks All your remarks, enhancements and also pointers are really welcome and also will definitely assist various other gamers that see this website. Thanks.