The trick to success in dark mak is to research graphes as well as meridians due to the fact that a lot of (not all) stress factors drop on meridians, which are power paths that adjoin all locations of the body. These coincide meridians as those made use of in Chinese acupuncture, the factors are revealed on meridian graphes.

(The picture listed below of numerous meridians on the former of the body is from acupuncture master Dr Wu Wei Sound)

Body stress Factors


Photo from Dr Wu Wei Sound

Meridians are networks that relocate Chi, blood as well as liquids around as well as with the whole body. They are not physical entities like nerve ends or capillaries, instead they are power areas that uses some blood vessels, arteries, nerves as well as various other physical frameworks that exist within the body.

These meridians are incapable to be really felt by those that are not learnt this art, yet we can discover as well as examine where they are, map them if you like, onto the body, as well as from below story or chart the stress factors that drop at different locations along these meridians.

Each network of power requires to be comprehended and also charted in a selection of methods: it's area, the manner in which power moves via it, it's instructions, it's kind, and also whether it exists ostensibly on the body or much deeper right into the body itself.

There are twelve primary reciprocal meridians, the initial meridian in the power cycle is the Lung meridian. The Lung meridian runs from the shoulder to the idea of this path as well as the thumb consists of eleven factors that relate to lower mak stress factor combating.

Factors are phoned number towards power circulation. So if you understand the positioning of any kind of 2 factors along the meridian they are likewise able to establish the power circulation along this path. To highlight, allow's consider an instance.

Lung Meridian in Dim Mak Stress Factors


Lung Meridian Graph from GM Pier Tsui-Po's workshops as well as workshops

When it comes to the Lung meridian, power streams from the shoulder to the thumb, the very first sight then goes to the shoulder factor, while factor number 11 drops at the suggestion of the thumb. Factor Lung 1 is of unique passion to us in stress factor support.

In operation the factors along the Lung meridian successfully in a self support circumstance, the Counterflow Strategy can be utilized to turn around the all-natural circulation of power, the signs that occur after the factor is struck will certainly suggest whether the damages done has actually influenced the interior or the exterior meridian, or both.

There are a variety of signs and symptoms that might suggest that the Lung meridian has actually been influenced, these consist of issues developing from either a shortage or extreme state of power along this meridian. If the damages is associated with the outside program of the meridian, signs and symptoms might consist of nasal blockage, cools or high temperature as well as level of sensitivity to chilly, frustration as well as discomfort in the top body.

Not every one of these signs might exist, as well as various other signs might likewise exist depending upon whether the factor struck is likewise a time of various other meridians or vessels.

Strikes to factors along this meridian can permeate deeply to additionally impact the Lung body organ itself. This would certainly consist of breathing troubles such as bronchial asthma, dry throat and also blood loss from the lungs. Emotional distress can arise from damages to the factors along this meridian as well.

In general, graphes as well as meridians likewise inform us why dark mak stress factors for self support operate in the manner in which they do. For a complete as well as much deeper understanding of the meridian system, Counterflow method as well as the Lung meridian itself, you can describe my "Dim Mak Guidebook-- The Art as well as Scientific Research of Deadly Stress Factor Battling" for more details.