If i intend to ask"what is the distinction in between A & B", why is the spanish matching is" Cual es la"&

not"Que es la "? Additionally, one more means of asking it is "Que diferencia hay entre A y B". Why is que utilized below as well as not Cual?So you intend to

understand cuál es la diferencia entre "Cuál" and also "Qué" in these sentences, do you?


Allow" s consider it by doing this. Essentially, the examining word you will certainly desire is Qué, however Cuál constantly makes an entrance occasionally, particularly when the inquiry entails the verb Ser. This is due to exactly how Qué es as well as Cuál es are translated. Both of them convert to "what is", however have various meanings.Qué es is"what

is "in one of the most actual feeling feasible. It is close to claiming "What is the definition of the principle that complies with".


& iquest; Qué es tu nombre?would be converted

much more appropriately as"What does "your name" imply?". The correct response to this is typically "Mi nombre es lo que la gente usan para llamarme, dirgirme, es mi identidad and so on and so on", normally not what you wish to listen to, though.Cuál es is"what is

"in the useful feeling of" Specify to me what details you have as well as what final thoughts you have actually attracted concerning what complies with."Blunt translations will certainly commonly claim that Cuál es methods"which is", a translation that is in fact not inaccurate considering that you can additionally usage cuál es because feeling. So & iquest; Cuál es tu nombre?Would be addressed in unforeseeable means such as"Me llamo Helado"or "Me llamo Mary"

or"Me llamo Jack"and so forth etc till you begin really feeling the requirement to ask" & iquest; Cuál es mi nombre?". Nevertheless, take great note that this is just a repaired guideline for ser. With various other verbs like haber , saber, caber, tener, querer and so on you do not make use of cuál for any type of implying besides the typical "which "sense.In various other words , if you were to ask "& iquest; Qué tienes?"you wouldn "t be asking some deeply thoughtful inquiry concerning property, however merely

what products are presently kept in your target" s supply. & iquest; Cuál tienes? in this context would indicate that both you and also target recognize of a database of products as well as you are asking which product from that repository/set of things the target presently has in his possession.I am not skilled in this issue, so I recommend you to carry out an online forum search of cuál vs qué. You will certainly discover that this subject has actually been gone over to the fatality without extensive, global judgment considering that various nations have various choices in the use of "cuál ".