L > Never Ever Returning Once More - Rumours Never Returning Once More Created by L. Buckingham She damaged down as well as allow me inMade me see where I"ve beenBeen down one timeBeen down 2 timesI"m never ever returning againYou put on"t recognize what it suggests to winCome down as well as see me againBeen down one timeBeen down 2 timesI"m never ever returning once more Live variations launched on Live (1980 ), Unusual on Air (1994 ), Live at the Bass Efficiency Hall (2008) and also One Guy Program (2012) Harsh outtake variation (a.k.a. "Brushes") and also trial variation show up on the Rumour Reissue (2004) WEBMISTRESS guesses: This tune - which I truly like - is everything about Lindsey revealing Stevie that he can overcome her. He"s located a brand-new lady and also he"s informing Stevie just how much better this woman is, that after being with her he"s "never ever returning once more" to being shafted by Stevie. The reality that he"s talking straight to Stevie ends up being obvious with the line "You wear"t understand what it implies to win." He is testing her - stating that she doesn"t recognize exactly how to be pleased, exactly how to like, which he"s discovered a person that does. He finishes with "Occur as well as see me once again" - he"s doing so well currently, he believes Stevie can get partnership tips from him as she appreciates his newly found satisfaction! BIRD IN trip hypothesizes: I really had the ability to participate in a little show offered by Lindsey in 1992 which he resolved this track and also it"s implying. (I think Lindsey is rather manic depressive.) He describes being down one-time and also down 2 times, when he does this, he is discussing the black seamless gutter of being dispirited. He then locates somebody brand-new and also with the brand-new partnership he has actually triggered the great old self-confidence he made use of to have, he"s really feeling blissful - crazy, all is excellent. He informs himself "life is excellent, I"m never ever mosting likely to be dispirited once more", consequently he"s "never ever returning once again". He later on confesses that such feelings run in cycles as well as this as well, had it"s cycle. MARC guesses: This tune relocates me deeply regardless of the number of times i pay attention to it. My analysis might not be exact yet its extra effective than the common one provided (in my viewpoint): She damaged down as well as allow me in Made me see where I"ve been The female "damaged down" (acted versus her much better judgment) by providing him the present of her love, which opened up Lindsey approximately caring once again Been down one-time Been down 2 times I"m never ever returning once again Clear. This is an expression of amazing positive outlook and also ecstasy, the path has actually removed, the tough times more than (which obviously is a manic state and also not lasting, however still a terrific opening) You put on"t understand what it suggests to win Boil down as well as see me once again This is the female talking. She is facing Lindsey with his immaturity and also informing him to mature and also make tranquility with himself as well as his past. She has actually opened up the path for him, however he needs to currently do the job himself. Been down one-time Been down 2 times I"m never ever returning once more Lindsey is not exactly sure he wishes to do that. He has actually been recovered, partly, yet is not exactly sure that he will certainly go "the entire method" with himself and also his satanic forces. He will certainly shut down once more yet is still not the very same individual. He (along with the female) enabled something to find in. MICHAEL guesses: After reviewing your suppositions on what probably the track could be around, I need to provide Lindsey some credit score, for composing a tune which can be analyzed in many various means. A track exposed for analysis will certainly obtain a bigger target market, be a lot more preferred, as well as still supply the writer with a degree of uncertainty that makes certain just he recognizes what it"s actually around. The larger inquiry, a minimum of for me, is does he play this track with a capo? I understand exactly how to play it with and also without, yet I"d like to understand exactly how he did it. Additionally, it"s not a really simple track to play, as well as a result I"m interested on exactly how he did it. Any individual have any kind of video clip of a performance with this tune? DANI hypothesizes: I think that Lindsey does this tune in a decrease D Adjusting, which is, he goes down the reduced E string to a reduced D, I can be incorrect yet I think this is just how he does it, additionally without a capo. Hope this aids. RYAN hypothesizes: He makes use of decrease D adjusting, as well as for the cd variation he capos the 4th fret. It"s played in the trick of F#. ANANIAH guesses: I was intending to contribute to this continuous conversation of just how Lindsey plays Never ever Returning Once More. I am a qualified, previous globe champion degree classic guitar player. Lindsey plays this tune by down-tuning the "E" as well as "A" strings to "C" and also "G", specifically. The tune is played as if it remains in "C", nevertheless it is capo"d at the 6th fret. It"s a little bit much easier than the formerly discussed method by utilizing Drop-D. It"s an enjoyable and also addicting track to play. I"m consisting of a variation of it, Go Your Own Means, as well as Huge Love done timeless design on my forthcoming cd that will certainly be done soon called "Sapphire Rock". You can have a look at my initial cd on the internet (no longer published) by looking for Ananiah McCarrell on Google. I recognize it seems like an industrial, however a great deal of my job was motivated by Lindsey Buckingham and also it"s wonderful to attempt to share it with the globe, particularly real songs followers. Rumours|BN Albums