All things You Are (Jerome Kern) is just one of one of the most generally played jazz criteria as well as is frequently among the very first songs called at a jazz jam session. Numerous guitar players discover to play All The Points You Are at a rather very early phase in their growth since of the song's appeal. What most guitar players stop working to recognize is that the item in fact has a relatively detailed harmonic framework that can position several issues for the starting improviser or comper.

By comprehending the partnership in between each area of the song, and also the chords within those areas, you can create a higher recognition for the general development of the consistency, which will certainly permit you to far better browse the modifications in both a solo as well as chordal style.


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All The important things You Are-- Charlie Parker Introductory

Charlie Parker-- All things You Are Transcribed Solo

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All Things You Are-- Secret Facility Malfunction

All the important things You Are can be separated right into 4 areas, with the initial 2 being sub-sections of one bigger area:

An Area

The initial area of the song includes bars 1 to 8 and also is classified A.

A' Area

This is adhered to by one more eight-bar expression that we will certainly classify A' The' icon is utilized to separate this area from the very first, as they are both extremely comparable, however as you will certainly see, they remain in various tricks.

These very first 2 areas can additionally be considered the initial "fifty percent" of the song. In symphonic music, they would certainly be called the presentation.

B Area

The 3rd area consists of bars 17 to 24 as well as will certainly be classified B The B area is the "different" area as it makes use of various secrets and also a various tune line than the various other 3 areas.

In symphonic music, this area would certainly be called the growth area.

A" Area

The last area of the song resembles the very first, however simply a bit various, so we will certainly identify it A".

This area is made use of to "cover" up the very first 2 areas by reiterating the tune line in bars 25 with 29, prior to offering brand-new product that brings about the last tempo in bars thirty-three with thirty-five. In symphonic music, this area would certainly be called the recapitulation.

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An Area-- Bars 1 to 8

There are 2 vital facilities located within the initial 8 bars of the c, abdominal muscle and also song:

There are 2 crucial facilities discovered within the very first 8 bars of the abdominal, song as well as c:

The initial 5 bars includes a 6-2-5-1-4 development in the secret of Abdominal muscle This is adhered to by a 2-5-1 development in the secret of C

Although these chords remain in 2 various tricks, the reality that they are a half-step apart creates a smooth inflection.

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A' Area-- Bars 9 to 16

The following 8 bars have a comparable essential framework as the very first 8, though this moment both tricks being made use of are Eb as well as G:

The initial 5 bars of this area is a 6-2-5-1-4 development in the trick of Eb This is adhered to by a 2-5-1 development in the secret of G to end up the area. This coincides chord development we saw in the initial 8 bars, just currently it has actually been shifted down by the period of an ideal 4th.

Considering the 2nd 8 bars as a shifted variation of the initial 8 will certainly permit you to establish motivic suggestions over the very first fifty percent of the song. Anything you repeat the very first 8 bars can be repeated the 2nd 8 bars, simply a 4th reduced, or a 5th greater relying on exactly how you wish to consider it.

See the instances listed below for an example of just how this might be done. Notification exactly how the thumbing as well as the periods are the exact same in between both lines , the 2nd intention has actually simply been gone up the neck to fit the brand-new essential facility.