Lt General H S Panag Lt Gen H S Panag was General Policeman Commanding in Principal (GOC in C) of Military"s North Command as well as Main Command. After retiring in December 2008, the General acted as a Participant of the Army Tribunal with the condition of a high court judge till December 2013. LESS ... EVEN MORE

The Spaces In Between Nations-Frontier, Boundary, Border and also global border are terms utilized to define the in-between area in between adjoining country states in rising order of authenticity as well as worldwide approval. Sir Henry McMahon, Foreign Assistant of British India and also mediator of the McMahon

Line had actually as soon as stated: "A frontier is a broad system of boundary land which through its durability or various other trouble, acted as a barrier in between 2 states.A limit is a plainly specified line shared either as spoken summary (delimited), or as a collection of physical marks on the ground."

In in between the terms frontier as well as global border relaxes the term boundary, which usually is developed as an acting procedure throughout the change of a frontier right into a worldwide limit. It can be specified as a mutually-accepted line or area-- regularly the last-- developed to preserve status, pending a last negotiation of the quondam frontier area in type of delimited global border by means of settlements or stopping working which, by conflict.There is a propensity to

utilize these terms synonymously without comprehending their geostrategic ramifications, which can be mapped back to the advancement of the country states. Army and also political control are fundamentally connected to every various other as well as started with the heartland as well as prolonged in an outward direction to the frontier areas where populace was sporadic, surface hard, interactions bad and also little or no financial activity.Competitive dispute amongst countries started over control of the frontier areas. With growth, much better

interactions, financial chances and also sometimes for large reputation, adjoining countries scrambled to take control of the frontier areas. This affordable dispute-- differing in strength from flag markingto battle-- results in the production of a boundary. Sometimes after dividing of states, challenged area without having actually been a frontier area in itself might be dealt with as a border.In current background, boundaries( preventing small modifications) seldom modification as well as ultimately obtain exchanged worldwide borders with common agreements.Since the source is primitive in nature, this procedure takes a very long time. Boundaries obtain developed, also when cases are extremely stiff, for profession as well as flow.

Along the boundaries, countries remain to pursue a setting of benefit to enhance their insurance claims or to trigger humiliation per various other as component of the universal affordable conflict.As an outcome, a boundary needs to be protected at a remarkable price. The Line of Actual Control (LAC)with Tibet as well as Line of Control (LOC) with Pakistan in Jammu and also Kashmir are timeless instances of boundaries although the latter was produced as an outcome of dividing and also 3 battles. The distinction in terms is that the previous entered being based upon the real placements held by soldiers after the battle in 1962, while the latter was cleared up along the United Nations -agented Ceasefire Line of 1949, which was maintained after 1965 and also was altered partially post-1971, when status was kept relative to losses as well as gains.